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  1. SometimesAdult

    New Super Undies Protective Briefs XL For Sale On NY Craigslist

    Check it out. Its a great price.
  2. SometimesAdult

    Two Brand New Adult Super Undies XL For Sale- $80

    I have two new XL Adult Armor Thread Protective Briefs (Diapers) from Super Undies for sale. This a great product, is more absorbent and is more fitted than their other products. It can be used as daywear with one insert, or upgrades to overnight with a second. I purchased them too big. They are...
  3. SometimesAdult

    Super Undies- I have two new pairs- too big for me

    I bought two XL pairs of Threaded Armor Protective Briefs from Super Undies. They are unused because they are too big for me. They are best for someone with 42-45 inch waist. They are amazing products, very comfortable, with best absorbency and more discreet than their other products. They...
  4. SometimesAdult

    Great Pocket Diaper Post On Craigslist Westchester

    Several pocket diapers and plastic pants. Looks like great value. Not my size.
  5. SometimesAdult

    Cloth diaper offer on Craigslist

    Craigslist NY has a really great offer for Rearz cloth diapers for anyone interested.
  6. SometimesAdult

    Craigslist Post

    I saw a NY Craigslist post for cloth diapers from Rearz at a great price. Check it out.
  7. SometimesAdult

    My Binge Purge Cycling

    So, after a "dry" period, I returned to diapers in earnest. Perhaps, too earnestly. I had an impulse to use, and once I did, the floodgates were open. Pun intended. I ended up taking advantage of a great Tena sale that was 40-50% off regular price, depending on where you buy it. I also...
  8. SometimesAdult

    Question to the community

    I am currently "all in" and am wearing nearly 24/7. I started in June of this year. I still have the freedom to not use, and don't use when I am at an event with family and friends. I worry about a couple of things. I do not want to lose the ability to choose over time (while my urologist...
  9. SometimesAdult

    Mitten Clasps For A Secure Diaper

    If you are having problems with snap or other cloth diapers that come lose with ordinary closures and pins, consider children's mitten clips. They are a great fastener and inexpensive. I use them at night, and never have a problem.
  10. SometimesAdult

    Diapers on a budget

    Yes, it is really expensive, especially 24/7. While you can find some brands for 50 cents per diaper, they are so thin that you have to double up, they have to be changed more often, and cost as much as the expensive ones in the end. I happen to like mine as thick as is practical for my...
  11. SometimesAdult

    Has anyone had a negative experience with Rearz?

    I just finished a telephone conversation with Rearz. I purchased some of their fitted cloth diapers. They were misrepresented as fitting 30-60" waists. They ended up suited for 50-60" waists with seats consistent with 200+lb bodies. Definitely not my size. They refused to accept a return or...