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    Has anybody bought molicare super plus's through walmart?

    If you have, tell me your experience with their service and did you pick up the shipment at the walmart store?
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    Can't wait

    I can't wait to see the new harry potter movie :) They just released a new trailer a day ago, if you haven't seen it, search it on youtube, it looks so intense :eek:
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    Leakmaster Deluxe Reviews?

    Anyone here ever used leakmaster deluxe pull-on plastic pants?
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    plastic pants locally (dfw area)

    You might remember the post I had a while back on my new favorite combination (new cvs cloth covered diapers) but now I see a flaw in it...cloth leaks wayyy i need to know from any fellow texans on this board if there is any places locally, as in the dfw area, where i can find some...
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    my new favorite combination

    I've been kind of low on money (stupid job hasn't been scheduling me) lately and I find this combination better than Abri-form X-plus's IMHO 1 cvs day & night diaper + 1 or 2 abri-let maxi pads = a nice, discreet but very absorbent diaper...although i was kind of hesitant on the cloth cover...
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    Did somebody call for a doctor?

    Heyy my name is Dr Diaper Crinkle, you can call me doc for short ^_^, I'm 17 years young and I'm a DL. I am kinda new to this fetish (its been a year) but for the longest time I've been just a guest viewing posts and such...but yeahhh a little about me, I currently have a job at CVS. My hobbies...