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  1. CookieMonstah

    #peeyourpantschallenge on TikTok

    I only watch Tik Tok videos as a substitute for Vine, I miss Vine.
  2. CookieMonstah

    Mid-90s Pampers and when was cloth-backed introduced?

    Well yeah but I had Pampers and they switched at the end of the 90s.
  3. CookieMonstah

    Mid-90s Pampers and when was cloth-backed introduced?

    In the UK I remember there was still plastic backed nappies until the late 90s.
  4. CookieMonstah

    Diaper/Wipe/Pull-Up/Whatever commercial appreciation/sharing thread

    I remember this advert, I loved it.
  5. CookieMonstah

    How long do you wait before changing

    If it’s wet I will stay in it for as long as possible. Either if it begins to leak or I’m gonna be around other people. If I do a poo then depending on what I’m doing I might wait to change. More often I’ll change straight away but if I’m in the middle of watching something or doing something...
  6. CookieMonstah


    I drink around at least 2 litres a day
  7. CookieMonstah

    Try not pee dare

    Holding your pee can cause you to get a UTI, it can also hurt your bladder too and make you feel unwell. Just don't do it.
  8. CookieMonstah

    Animal Crossing

    I've got Animal Crossing, had it since March 23rd but still not got a dummy (pacifier) even after checking almost everyday. Add me and we can play sometime. 1317-3179-8505.
  9. CookieMonstah

    Diaper weather is coming to an end

    It's actually kind of nice to just wear a nappy and nothing else in the warm weather.
  10. CookieMonstah

    J&J ending production of talc based powders North America

    I bought the cornstarch version from America a few years ago, it's quite nice to be honest but their talc is definitely a nicer scent.
  11. CookieMonstah

    Favorite *BABY* diaper brand and why?

    I think I wore Pampers as a child and then when I began to buy nappies again Pampers had stretchy sides and I could fit into them but not Huggies so I prefer them.
  12. CookieMonstah

    And what's wrong with being a virgin

    Firstly, can I just say, this probably should be in the Mature Topics section. Secondly I don't think people care nowadays about being a virgin or having sex as soon as. I didn't have sex until I was 20. I had relationships before then but just never got to having sex as I don't believe in...
  13. CookieMonstah

    Confessions of a British DL

    Libero are sold across Europe, looking at the stats though, France doesn't have Libero or Peaudouce anymore:
  14. CookieMonstah

    Cute little outfits

    Agree on the covering of the faces and yes that's cute.
  15. CookieMonstah

    Animal crossing-playdate?

    I am from the UK so times will vary between us. I am online normally around 12/1pm my time so 7/8pm EST but I also sometimes go on in the evenings and late at night. If you want a way of messaging I have Discord or I have an ABDL Instagram. I don't check ADISC all that often.
  16. CookieMonstah

    Animal crossing-playdate?

    My code is 1317-3179-8505 if anyone would like to play
  17. CookieMonstah

    What is your taste? *sips tea*

    I wear whatever nappy absorbs the most really, after that comes designs. There aren't many designs I don't like. I own a few onesies and a onesie/vest (with the poppers at the bottom) and that's just got red and white stripes on it.
  18. CookieMonstah

    How did you get into diapers/abdl?

    This seems like a made up story and the photos are inappropriate. It has been reported.
  19. CookieMonstah

    How long does a case last you?

    I wear maybe once or twice a week so a case of 50 would last like half a year
  20. CookieMonstah

    How did you get into diapers/abdl?

    Like them as long as I can remember. Felt I was alone in this world for like 12 years when I started to Google stuff and found the term ABDL.