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  1. cylenrii

    return after a hiatus

    Well yes then. For those of you who know (more like remember me). I have returned after what seems to be a small hiatus of a few months. while being here i still may not be to active. Trying to keep the risk of saying something making myself sound stupid to a minimum. But nun the less, I have...
  2. cylenrii

    gaia online

    i know this is apretty popular game . so i was wondering who played it cylenri < thats my username. whats yours?
  3. cylenrii

    create the newst tf2 class

    well this is kinda a thread game and a thing about video games this is a fun little thing i do sometimes, you try to come up with th coolest or funniest tf2 classes :smile1: heres an example of a skeleton name game (if from another game) weapons: (1st is main, 2nd is physical 3rd is extra)...
  4. cylenrii

    mirrors edge ending!

    well after 8 hours straight of playing mirrors edge i finally beat it, now im not going to give out any spoilers ;P. but i have to say one thing, the ending is EPIC it almost made me cry. os thats all ill tell for now. but i was wondering if anyone else had beat it yet?
  5. cylenrii

    what do theese mean?

    ive been kind of worried about this recentley and not know what to expect , i know i may get banned for asking this but i don want to get banned for doing somthing wrong without knowing i dont know how to ask this but ive heard alot of bad things about these what i want to ask is what are "...
  6. cylenrii

    buying for the second time?

    well im running low on my first pack of diapers and i need to buy a second pack soon heres my problem though: the first time i bought them it was a litttle embarissing but i got through....ok i guess now i want some advice from people have bought 2 or more times wich im sure is most of you...
  7. cylenrii

    fable 2

    ok so the day i went in to buy fable 2 i decided to buy fallout 3 instead but now im having second thoughts f i should get fable 2 at all if anyone here has it maybe gimme some advice if you can? i totally loved fable 1 and played it all the time so im pretty sure ill like fable 2 i just wanna...
  8. cylenrii

    cats always do land on there feet o_o

    okay today i either had a miracle or just a very true scientific fact as i was sitting on my computer today my cat slipped between our balcony bards and proceeded to talk on the edge and before i knew anything i hear a loud thump and knew he had fallen off as i rushed downstairs expecting the...
  9. cylenrii

    so buying this game

    YouTube - Mirror's Edge, first gameplay! its called mirrors edge the graphics are amazing and it seems so action packed , this is definitely going on my top games to buy list what are your opinions on this game?
  10. cylenrii

    favirote team fotress 2 charecter?

    tf2 is one of my favirote games so i was wondering what are your 2 favirote tf2 classes for me its pyro after i watched this video YouTube - TF2 Lonely Pyro... and the scout
  11. cylenrii

    schedule a online game

    well i know we have a contact details sticky for online games but i figured we could use this thread to actually schedule a game an example would be: oh hey I'm gonna make a gta iv game on xbox live in 30 mins post youre gamertag if you wanna play then people post he invites bla bla bla you...
  12. cylenrii

    show us you halloween costume

    i figured this would jsut be a fun little forum to show off your hallowen costume. and i know it most likely wont be as active til around halloween but ll just open it now for some poeople who already hav theres me :P heres mine...please excuse the *ahem* dorkyness >_> [/IMG]
  13. cylenrii


    does anyone here play roblox perhaps? i was just wondering if anyone did if you do feel free to post your username cylenriii <---- this is my TB/DL account (yes it has 3 i's ) and im currently building a *B/DL hangout place :smile1:
  14. cylenrii

    the "awards"?

    well Ive been kinda curious and wanted to ask i wasn't really sure were to Post this but i wanted it to be public :sad: Ive seen in alot of people signatures the little bars. i know a little about them, but Ive seen two types: 1)usually contain funny little sayings or catch phrases and...
  15. cylenrii

    hi just me

    hi im new here ive nevr really been to this site i did come from a smaller site though i jus hope to make frreinds well a few things about me is well...i like diapers (duh) i play lotsa videogames i always like to have freindds and try to make them laugh thats about it ^~^