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  1. TKing1391

    Im back--new place--Kids Room--recommendations?

    Hello everybody, I haven't posted in Adisc in a very long time. Ive been going through a lot. Nothing bad, just been busy with a whole lot of other obligations. I am moving in to my first new apartment today--yay! I am really getting back into the swing of my little side. Being little isnt a...
  2. TKing1391

    Wearing in Public

    I am so proud of myself today....I actually wore an abu cushies diaper out in public today. It was the thickest, babiest, most real diaper Ive ever worn, and I noticed that nobody noticed...or at least I dont think anyone did....does anyone else wear in public on a consistent basis? I may start...
  3. TKing1391

    ABU Cushies and Bambinos?

    Do any of you wear these diapers out in public? Obviously since these diapers are very babyish it would be awful if anyone got caught, Im thinking about doing it, for people who do it, tell me your experiencep lease
  4. TKing1391

    Thinking of possibly making a permanent change

    Recently, I bought a number of pair of cartoon briefs(underoos) and I really think they are comfy. They are all size 8 and surprisingly dont make me feel uncomfortable. I am thinking of changing my undergarments for good. I have been wearing boxers for a long long time now and I am thinking of...
  5. TKing1391


    I am having a bit of a playdate tomorrow with my friend who lives a few blocks away from me, any suggestions on what we should do tomorrow, I know I made a thread about this a few weeks ago, but would like some newer input Thanks
  6. TKing1391

    Cartoon Underwear

    I have been thinking about buying come cartoon underwear, do you think that they can fit a size adult? I know they wont fit properly, but do you think I could make it work?
  7. TKing1391

    Diaper Question

    So I dont know if I am serious about this, but it is definitely on my mind, maybe Im just in a huge Binge right now, but Im thinking of making the switch to wearing goodnites all day instead of wearing boxers, for me, this means in public? Will people find out? Is it obvious? I guess I am just...
  8. TKing1391

    Real Life AB experience

    Hello everybody, I had the great fortune of finally meeting a real life AB, the great thing about us is that we both have a lot of common outside of our baby interests. The other day we hung out in diapers and just watched a movie. We were both wondering what are some baby/toddler things we can...
  9. TKing1391

    Mom found my baby stuff---at least I got away with it

    Lol so I swear this is a true story, so Im getting ready to go back to college tomorrow and earlier this week my mom went under my bed to get my luggage out so I could pack my clothes, I kept my baby stuff stored in the luggage the entire summer. When I got home the other day, I noticed the bags...
  10. TKing1391

    Spiderman Goodnites?

    I know this topic as come up quite a few times but I would like to know if anyone has bought them even though they dont fit you properly? How was the fit? I am 5'11 and about 140, I fit the L-XL Goodnites pretty well, do you think I could fit into the spiderman ones?
  11. TKing1391

    Diaper Change

    What are the feelings for an adult baby and a caretaker when an adult baby needs a diaper change? When in AB mode, how are theese feelings for the baby and the caretaker? I am sure it is a very intimate trustworthy moment, anybody care to explain---thanks
  12. TKing1391

    Sissy/Little Girl Curiosity?

    I always wanted to try the sissy/little girl world, but for some reason have always been scared, and force myself to disintrest myself in it. A part of me says I should go ahead and try to be a little girl for once and not a little boy and another side tells me no. Im just curious if I ever do...
  13. TKing1391

    Stuck in a purge

    Hey all, When school ended for summer vacation last month, I thought I would be in perfect position to show off my AB side a lot more, the problem is I have been in a huge Purge for pretty much the whole month of June and I feel like there is no end in sight, I tell myself I want to get back in...
  14. TKing1391

    Living life as a kid/baby/toddler

    I was curious....I see a lot of the times on the forums that people may go diapered 24/7 for a certain period of time etc, maybe a day, a week, a month, heck sometimes a year....Im curious, how many peope have got to live as a baby, toddler, or kid for a little while in there adult life, maybe...
  15. TKing1391

    Wearing a diaper to class

    I know this has come up a billion-zillion times, but I am wondering what kind of confidence I can get to wear my diaper to my two boring classes tonight. I usualy wear goodnites when in private and that is what I would be wearing later. The only time I have worn a diaper in public, I had boxers...
  16. TKing1391

    Will be leaving Adisc for a while

    Hey guys, Im sorry for the sudden departure, but I will be leaving adisc for a while, I have some personal things going right now, and I just need to relax and just take a break from things. I still love ab/tb/dl and its community and Adisc has been great to me, Im glad I have met some really...
  17. TKing1391

    Cartoon Underwear----Underoos

    Hello everybody, Im curious to what you all think of cartoon underwear or underoos, lol most little kids wear them(toddlers) and I know this is an ADULT BABY thread, but a lot of us abies are really just ADULT TODDLERS LOL!! So my question is, is anybody here interested in cartoon underwear or...
  18. TKing1391

    College single!?

    Hey guys, Im so excited, I just found out that for spring semester at my school I will be living in a other words, living by myself in my own place, lol u guys have any ideas on how I can make the room more "toddler friendly" if you know what I mean lol
  19. TKing1391

    wearing a diaper in public?!

    ok, I really want to wear a diaper in public, but im really nervous and cant get the confidence to actually do it, for the past 2 days I almost wore to work but chickened out right before going, I need a bit of confidence to do it, Im afraid that somebody will catch me, and I am pretty known in...
  20. TKing1391

    Baby bottle?

    Ok, so I went to CVS and Walgreens and could not find a good bottle, I did buy a sippy cup but I want to buy a bottle also, any good bottle reccomendations, I looked for ones with baby designs and got nothing.....what is a good baby bottle that yall would reccomend?