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    Thoughts on my fabine diaper purchase

    I got 4 fabine diapers for only 26$ total. I don't think it was a bad deal will be arriving on dec 11th really can't wait. Anyone tried these that can give a opinion on how well they would hold a enemma or anything : stay diapered and have fun :D
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    just got a huge sample pack of diapers

    i requested a sample pack from parent giving .com and they came in 2 days later now thats fast and they sent me 12 diapers total 2 of each and even some stuffers for extra absorbancy i gotta say the tena flex supers are one tough diaper very discreet no crinkle sounds and has so far held...
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    hey im new here i wanna introduce myself

    well my names RJ i discovered my curiosity about diapers at age 17 and later at age 18 i wore my first diaper i remember it like it was yeterday it was abu cushies but anyway enough about my DL side i graduated high school at age 17 umm im a avid gamer i play ps3 and i love...