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  1. Silikon

    Class of '09

    Just wondering who here is graduating high school this year? If you're still in school when do you get out? Planning to do anything before/after your ceremony (that is if you are walking)?
  2. Silikon

    Born gay

    What is your opinion of this? I know a lot of people who are gay usually say you're born that way and are offended if you think otherwise, but im bi leaning more towards gay and I don't feel you were born that way at all. I think everyone is born asexual and that sexuality develops in your late...
  3. Silikon


    Im pretty sure people here that play games like Maplestory or GunZ have heard of this, but if you haven't its a game similar to Worms. Its a 2D side-scroll battle game, where you use these robotic or animal characters and basically shoot each other till you die or fall off a ledge. To aim you...
  4. Silikon

    130 cats

    English Russia 130 Cats in One Flat If the beginning of the video doesn't make you laugh there is something wrong with you.
  5. Silikon

    18 years old

    Just wondering... When did you guys turn 18, if not 18, when do you turn 18? Has, or did life changed much at all for you? If you were in high school when you turned 18, were you still treated like a minor? How did you celebrate your 18th? If you could control time, would you want to be 18...
  6. Silikon

    EGO BOOST! (The gaming accomplishments thread)

    Post all your gaming accomplishments here, photos and videos if you have them as well. I have some and i'll post soon.
  7. Silikon

    Sexual attraction

    Just wondering how many people here well...get off to wearing diapers and/or the thought of wearing them? I know it seems a lot of people use them for comfort but I haven't heard many say its a sexual fetish though.
  8. Silikon

    So im a what?

    Well i've browsed this section a couple times and seen responses to people wondering what makes a furry that "you're only a furry if you consider yourself one". I have always like animals and I do find some furry art cute, so I guess I would say im a furry (unless there's more to it than that)...
  9. Silikon

    Cox suspended my internet

    For a couple hours. I told my mom and she went on the phone with them. She just came and knocked on my door and asked if I downloaded a movie on may 15th, No country for old men. I'm like "no..." and she said the RIAA caught an illegal copy and traced it to our ip and Cox suspended our service...
  10. Silikon

    Diapers that are still plastic backed

    Well these days all I hear is "x brand is cloth backed now" or "everyone is switching to cloth backing" etc. So i'm wondering which brands are still plastic backed, and how much are they?
  11. Silikon

    Moment you would relive forever?

    Do you have a special moment in your life that if you could travel back in time you would just relive forever? Mine was the day I got over my fear of roller coasters (12/24/05). I went to Islands of Adventure in Orlando and rode the roller coaster Dueling Dragons for the first time and loved...
  12. Silikon

    Who changes you?

    I can't edit my poll and I messed up on the last one so i'll give it another try? Anyways I just change myself. I'd like someone to change me though :X.
  13. Silikon

    Who changes you?

    General poll that hasn't been made yet I guess. Anyways I just change myself. I'd like someone to change me though :X.
  14. Silikon

    Where did your user name come from?

    Self-explanatory. Mine came from this song from a game.
  15. Silikon

    Beatmania IIDX

    If you're a fan of music/rhythm based games along the lines of Guitar Hero and DDR, you might be interested in this game. This game dates back to 1999/2000 and was one of the first music simulation games ever created (DDR was the second, at 1998, and beatmania I was the first, at 1997). The...
  16. Silikon

    Hi, i'd like to be curt.

    Not that I don't like you guys (but what do you care, you don't know me XD), just weird feeling of posting here, so I probably won't post often. And if I do then huzzah? Anyways, hi guys. I love music and music games.