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    Real World Review: Alpaca Diapers By Rearz

    you sure that is not just sizing bigger sized diapers have less diapers , however i did notice the lack of diapers remember when the skull cases was 72/count , i dont understand why many cases have to be so little amount , is it not the point to buy by the case to get allot for a...
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    Hey everyone! I’m new and looking for a diaper that would work good for me, I really need help!

    Might want to check rearz , they are fewer smaller sizes but abu and rearz do have some smalls in some
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    How long does a case last you?

    The average cases vary and differ per brand so much on count , so you would have to justify the amount count on this one , i see cases vary from 30-80 all depending on the brand or where you buy them a case vary so much,
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    YOUR Stash!

    Id like to see more people where they stash large amounts of diapers for ideas, i find that dressers never have much space or big drawers , when one has a closet without space for diapers as its all shirt, and the bottom is a cloth dresser but your other dressers not big enough i alwayts have...
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    i have never been a fan much of the velcro, but these work and fit great for me
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    YOUR Stash!

    never knew or heard bambinos had another diaper haha just had to check those out, there is so many to try and ived yet to get
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    Has anyone ever used a whole bottle of powder at once?

    i hear orbeeze in diapers is a thing hahaha
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    Has any one used the Changing Places room in the Uk/Northern Ireland

    This needs to be a thing in canada/ and everywheres in the world! it would help many people ,
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    Abena M4s Suck

    they Used to be good! they went downhill big time, i got fed up and went to abdl prints and never gone back , had them always split , ect they took out the waistebands ect
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    New Rearz Diaper

    will the rearz squirt little splash come back in stock ? i love those ,
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    abu changes

    awh i dint see that status thanks for informing , i like buying in bulk and when i like a product i order all the time , it was not really about the cost! as i love their products , i kind of tought it might of been stock issues or low stock or due to this thats going on ,
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    abu changes

    Anyone notice this or is it just me !? you no longer can buy cases of 8packs, and now you can only buy 4packs , and it being much more in the end for getting 8packs vs 4 this is annoying cause i loved the big cases , Notihng more i hate then when a company shrinks sizing just to up the...
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    Pros and Cons of 2 tape vs. 4 tape diapers

    I disliked the two tapes\ for my body i am not the biggest guy but i like the bottom and the top being snug not just the middle part\
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    Help with ABU kiddos

    clover leaf? idk lol thats the ones im wearing now lol
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    So, how many of you are spending your stimulus check on your stash?

    still havent bothered to apply im in canada , and i know it will get taxed on and i dont want to pay taxes i rather get nothing then pay but then again unsure i fit all the cretica's to apply it just the way my employement is / just because i was still working but already on asistance for...
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    Peeing in the Shower

    yup! always seem to as soon as the warm water hits , usually aways shower so goes same as with the running water , not in the bath tho but i never take baths
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    Received negative feedback about wearing to work and 24/7.

    One person at work decided to bring up my diapers to work while i never worn them there , least to say HR got rid of him and was already investigating something similar , i heard someone try to hint at it and i made a point to say that bring it up and the same thing will happen , one...
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    Has anyone wore a diaper to the doctor?

    Actually they dont! i have worn diapers many times and being abdl printed! , i have gotten asked a few times about it without mentioning the diaper but i was honest about it and said its nothing to be concerned its a comfort thing and thats all nothing else was said or asked i have had...
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    being a little brave

    does diaper at the beach count! lol
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    super excited

    i tried them just to try them , but not at 50$ a pack of 10 , i might order the other ones just to try a pack but too much for my liking cant buy by cases! cant justify 5$each! there are pleny diapers at 2.50 ,3.40 range