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    abu changes

    Anyone notice this or is it just me !? you no longer can buy cases of 8packs, and now you can only buy 4packs , and it being much more in the end for getting 8packs vs 4 this is annoying cause i loved the big cases , Notihng more i hate then when a company shrinks sizing just to up the...
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    Little Care package ideas?

    Okay so i have a friend who is an little of around age 4, i wanted to supersize her with something fun for her little side for her bday, She is not really into the diapers and such, So i would need cute or fun idea of various things i could get her for little side , Already randomly got her...
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    Littles Crate

    Wondering if this is still like a thing or where u can buy someting like that of asortement or ideas of little things to get for a someone :) i know way back there was like crinkle crates what are good items or things i could get for an little who is in the 3-4 age range? Who is a girl :)...
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    Halloween and little :P

    So prob going to dress as a baby , What diapers or outfit would be the most ideal , it will probably be club setting dressing up , Things to consider it is not warm for having just a onesie but i have done it before, What diaper and why, i do have quite an assortment of them , What would be...
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    New Rearz diapers

    Need Some Featback on these diapers if anyone has tried or had issues with their new products? Rearz Dinasaur were Great no issues with them Rearz Lil Squirt splash, had a few issues i have noticed with only wearing few of them The Tapes Are Too Strong to the point they wont come off...
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    Little for big?

    Anywheres that sell to canada other then amazon? i really want to try them out , but not about to pay 50/pack ? i usually always BUY by the case for bulk/saving and not being so costly anyone ideas?
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    Hi From Canada :)

    Unsure its been a while i introduced , i am 34 and a guy from Canada New brunswick , I am an little , outside of that i am usually shy quiet , like outdoors ,
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    Diaper carry bags !

    Id like to know what all uses to carry supplies in or while out or if in your car , What is the best diaper bag to carry diapers in , as adult things are bigger , lets say multiple premium diapers , maybe few cloths , wipes ect powder ,
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    Diaper splitting!

    Anyone have better ideas on why or what would make a diaper split on the backside , i have been experiencing this with various abdl diapers , i have had this happen with Mostly bambino's way back , The 'm4 , now i am seeing this with these crinkles still have quite a few of these left ...
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    rearz issues

    Anyone ever had rearz threat you like terrible as customer service or had issues with diapers and complaint and got told off to buy elsewhere from them? id like input on people that had issues , They will also try to ignore the issue , block you on their social media, I have got blocked...
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    Rearz SUCK!

    I never complain or put my .2 , but i believe in Quality and sometimes i voice bad product or faulty things that i am not happy with or to make them a better company , Lately i bought items , No issues with diapers but had got a Nuk5 Soother No where's it said the soother had changed and...
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    New Rearz Diapers

    So Rearz got rid of there black seduction diapers .. only to replace them with Purple seductions ... Thoughts anyone ?
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    Soother sizing shrunk?

    Is this just me or a line or Bs or Recently purchased a new soother from said company and i received it and it looks like a baby soother i contacted the company and the y said oh the company shrunk the sizing , but to me a nuk5 should be much bigger then the one i got :@
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    Opinion on manafacture fault's

    Let's say a Great Quality Product diaper manufacture, Screws up , And List a Certain Kind of diaper For way too cheap on there site, Shouldn't they Eat up the fault Vs Canceling your order or anyone who ordered their item at such a low price? Ill just say they had Cases of diapers @28$...
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    Storage ideas ...

    I need some ideas of storage space for diapers haha , its one of those times i decided to order a little to many diapers to stash all in dresser , Diapers are just to be keept out of sight , yeah some people do know of it but for visit and such lol , I did think of maybe a difrent bed...
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    rearz discount??

    anyone see the thing they said they put easter eggs on the site for discounts , but i cant seem to find any lol :! i am blind or thats one good bunny at hiding them lol?
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    new abu ?

    PeekABU available to reserve on March 5th, 2018 What exactly does reserve mean ? do get them or they even in stock or you just pay in advance and wait for the actual diapers whenever they decided to land? Just wondering if i place order for that does it mean ill get it shortly or no?
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    Rearz New diaper?

    Anyone see the rearz is having a new diaper/print hopefully that does not mean they are getting rid of another print to replace them like they did with the spoiled :( i miss those and many others think the same of them getting rid of them These new diapers are called lil monster
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    Abu Just got a little more expensive

    Thoughts On this , Just read in my email they will now start charging customers on shipping , of all items , so now when you buy a case or anything be prepared to pay a little more Us and canada , Abuniverse , :sad: