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    Cloth diapers, where to get?

    I wish more companies would make the pockets in fun prints like they do for actual babies. I do not have the capabilities to make my own or I would try. I love the PUL fabrics they have now.
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    Cloth diapers, where to get?

    Thank you babybike2, I forgot about changing times!
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    Cloth diapers, where to get?

    I know of,, but where are some other good places to buy cloth diapers? I like the pocket diaper, all in one, style.
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    Has anyone else noticed?

    So now that I am done with college and living with my girlfriend (who doesn't know I like diapers) I cannot order abenas online anymore. I have gone back to Depends max size small/med. Now I am finding it harder and harder to find the max in stores now. It is like depends is discontinuing...
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    Depends being more abosrbant that thought of

    So, I have moved in with my girlfriend and she does not know about me being a DL, so I have to keep my diaper purchases to store bought and kept at my parents house which is only 10 mins away. but recently I have been using them for a few hours. Then soon before I have to take them off I will...
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    Undies over Diapers?

    i wear boxers over my diaper when ever i wear pants and diapers. i pull the elastic band of the boxers over the top of the diaper so it is less likely to be seen.
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    Binge purge

    i wish i knew some enlighten fact or phrase to calm you down about this, but i do not. what i do is when i do not have a urge to wear i just leave them hidden in my hiding spot and when i want to wear i pull one out at a time. i guess i am too thrifty to throw them away even when i use to...
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    What i hate (catching plastic in zip)

    I have had that happen to me on occassion. it really sucks. it usually happens when i am in a hurry or gettting diapered discreetly in a public bathroom. that last time that happened to me was when i was on a 2 hr road trip and put my diaper on in a gas station bathroom and mistakenly got the...
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    where to buy the good diaps

    the only diapers i have ever bought from a store front were depends. anything else i get is from online. do you have a credit card or debit card?
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    Local Gas Prices

    it is $3.40 for regular 87 grade gasoline here. it doesnt really fluxuate where i live much. it is not uncommon around where i live to see diesal fuel to be more expensive. use to be cheapter though. we should all buy diesal cars and use biodiesal(fuel the works in diesal engines made from...
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    My present!

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    For the guys: up or down when diapered?

    well we will never know unless someone asks. but i dont think it is right to ask that here.
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    Where do you stand on legalization?

    personally i am against legalization of the current illegal drugs. sure our prisions are filled with violators. but y should someone be allowed to commit suicide? yea yea yea your own body do what u want with it, but i think for the bettering of society these things should stay illegal. i...
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    only in america is there a reason to continue counting after 18. a person cant legally drink in the US until they turn 21. yes i know it is dumb.
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    this question is totally weighted to be answered by the youngens.
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    were you ever punished with diapers when you were growing up?

    I said earlier in this topic i was threatened with being put back into a diaper. this was when i was less than 6yrs, maybe when i was possibly 4. It was my mother who threatened me bc i was throwing a temper tantrum bc i didnt want to go somewhere. it happened once, probably in the heat of...
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    For the guys: up or down when diapered?

    I have never tried up ever until i read this post. I still havent tried it in a diaper yet. i just find that when free it just hangs down and is comfortable down. so when i confine it to the diaper it points down. i never thought about pointing up bc when laying down that would be leak...
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    were you ever punished with diapers when you were growing up?

    i was never actually punished with them, but i was threatened with having to where them again
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    thickness factor

    i prefer thicker diapers. but i like to switch it up sometimes with the thinner ones.
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    i like to feel the bulge when i soak the diapers i wear. it feels weird, but cool. it is sorta like how much can i get this diaper to absorb trophy.