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    London (uk) Where do you get your diapers?

    Just moved and wondering where people buy or order their diapers from? Thank you
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    Help me find?

    Can we start a help me find thread please? Pretty sure I saw this and I didn't buy it... It's a footed onesie, with poppers up the legs and I think torso. It was white. I don't think it was fleece. I am sure I saw it linked in these forums but now I can't find it. Would be very grateful if...
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    If you are in therapy, does your therapist know about your little side, and if so, how much have you told them?
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    Stability, boundaries, love.

    Chapter One Rowena glanced around the bedroom. They’d decided that Emilia would be allowed to pick out the remaining necessary bits and pieces. It was sensible to let the young adult chose how she had her own space. She’d picked out the oak furniture from the Calia range on the John Lewis...
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    Oooooo Marks and Spencers Check out the "specialist baby range" - age 15 - 16 will fit many adult babies...
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    Mummies in the UK

    Who do you visit for nursery time? Looking for someone loving, caring, into the non-sexual side of AB/DL.
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    Adopting Annabelle

    Chapter 1 : Adopting Annabelle. The adoption case worker swiveled around in her chair, focusing on the documents coming from the printer, rather than the documents on her screen. She was confident she had made the right decision with Annabelle’s prospective adoptive parents. The couple came...
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    What's on your "To buy" list?

    I am just writing one for when I have some money saved up. What is on your to buy list that you haven't yet got, but plan to purchase in the next few months?
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    Hello from LT

    Hey, So, I've been an on and off lurker since a few years after I found out about my Little(s), but have never been brave enough to sign up or post a message. I have embraced my Little Sides on and off throughout the years, but, have not worn diapers (yet). I've got to the almost doing it, and...