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  1. RubberJin

    When you consider quitting a hobby

    Sorry but I've been there and done that with MTG and the whole thing is just a scheme to make people buy more cards - OK so a few people can make something of a living trading cards but it's just not worth it, they control the supply, the rarity, they can (and do) release newer cooler cards that...
  2. RubberJin

    a random legal question

    As others have said, it's not a proportionate response so without a load of legal wrangling leading up to the vehicle being "forcibly removed and disposed of" to coin a euphemism, you'd be on shaky ground. However, it depends very much on the situation - I have heard of farmers using...
  3. RubberJin

    To get help or not

    What's the worst that could happen - you go along and discover you're perfectly well adjusted and don't need any further sessions. Oh no!
  4. RubberJin

    Should I ask my unapproving wife to be padded as a birthday gift?

    TALK TO YOUR WIFE!!! I mean, she's your wife, you're supposed to be together forever, best besties, share everything, be able to be open & honest with each other, so absolutely if you're feeling like you really want to change things, even only a little and only very slowly, FFS talk to her...
  5. RubberJin

    Summary Data for Advanced Diaper Reviews (Jan 2018)

    Gotta love cold hard data! Excellent work by all involved.
  6. RubberJin

    Should I ask my unapproving wife to be padded as a birthday gift?

    Wow I really feel for you, but the others are right - don't stir things up! If you feel you need to maybe bring the subject of diapers up / see if you can re-negotiate the situation then that's a separate conversation but a direct ask for you or her to wear is unlikely to be popular!
  7. RubberJin

    What's your avatar and why?

    Mortos der soulstealer from Invader Zim - because I love the show and because while procrastinating over his main task (soul stealing) he wanders off to buy rubber pants :LOL: Doom doom de doom doom doo doo...
  8. RubberJin

    Engineering a stink proof diaper

    A normal diaper and a tight-fitting pair of rubber pants might do the trick - not sure about comfort & practicality though!
  9. RubberJin

    Favorite Children's Book?

    *she And those books are (or were) almost mandatory childhood reading over here. Both Viz and The Comic Strip among others have parodied them mercilessly over the years. As for mine - it's gotta be Roald Dahl's books, those are just solid gold.
  10. RubberJin

    Discrimination against male abdls

    From where I'm sat there's a few factors; Society is more comfortable with Women being cutesy than men, it's more easily accepted/processed. Men trying to be cutsey can fail miserably and come across as really creepy / sinister / potentially predatory A lot of men aren't great at judging this...
  11. RubberJin

    Is English one of the toughest language out there?

    I'd say English is easy to get the basics of and most people could understand you - but after the basics there's a lot of weird stuff that doesn't follow rules that you "just have to know". For example, this rule:
  12. RubberJin

    Oatmeal in diaper. You gotta try it!

    I'm surprised there's not more crossover with ABDL and the sploshing / WAM crowd - a fair portion of both scenes enjoy squishy pants in some form or another after all! Why stop at oatmeal? There's loads of fun foodstuffs to try! :D
  13. RubberJin

    Experiences with attending club events/gatherings

    No personal experience but is it an event where you're expected to be "in-character" or is it a more free and open event where you can turn up as your normal self and just hang out & take things as you find them? Good meets / munches should be very open, welcoming, with zero pressure and judgement.
  14. RubberJin

    Leveling Up on ADISC

    It seems to work well on a fair number of forums - helps cut down on spam and people who join up to try and post adverts or other rubbish by just making a couple of rubbish posts to get their "score" up. One forum I'm on has benefits for established contributors and/or financial supporters -...
  15. RubberJin

    Stress And Stress Management

    I have a friend going through problems and one thing I notice in him and your post is you're worrying about how much you're worrying, which is not helpful and if you let it run you will introspect yourself into your own belly button and disappear! Over-analyzing is a bad habit, not easy to...
  16. RubberJin

    How to keep your padding in place?

    Another vote here for rubber pants - I'm really liking the Kinkydiapers ones, very well made and you can get them chlorinated which means super silky and low maintenance.
  17. RubberJin

    What has happened to ABU?

    It's quite easy to imagine they're victims of their own success - if demand is a lot more than they bargained for it's possible their factory can't make them fast enough to keep them supplied - and likely has to do a "run" of a particular size & style at a time, stop, change setups, do a...
  18. RubberJin

    DIY spot cleaner for leaks

    I've used brake cleaner (which is incredibly flammable, as most solvents are) and 99% Isopropyl Alcohol to clean stuff around the house and they are fine, although fairly obviously not near naked flames etc. and don't breathe it in too much, or drink it, or squirt it in your eyes... There's an...
  19. RubberJin

    Stress And Stress Management

    THIS! So many people worry about stuff they either can't control or that doesn't really matter in the big scheme of things. If you can't change it, why worry? If you can change it - no worries! 😁 I realise it's not that simple, but it's not a bad start.
  20. RubberJin

    DIY spot cleaner for leaks

    A friend in the carpet business recommended Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) for cleaning anything off of anything but it's strong stuff, gets you high as a kite, and is restricted I think these days. He said most household cleaners leave residue which then attracts more dirt. I've used automotive...