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  1. Osthagen

    When were you potty trained for Daytime

    When I was two and a half. But I still wore nappies on occasions for some time after that.
  2. Osthagen

    What adult diapers most resemble pampers

    It depends really on whether you want a classic Pampers look or a present-day Pampers look. For the former, it is obvious. The SDK from ABU are the way to go, since they were actually modelled directly on the Pampers of the 1990s. Someone also brought up a Rearz nappy with a similar design to...
  3. Osthagen

    How often are you diapered?

    I cover a variety of topics. Currently the main ones are The Crusades, and Russia 1850-1991. Can we try and get this back on topic please?
  4. Osthagen

    How often are you diapered?

    I teach history, my students are largely 16-18 years old.
  5. Osthagen

    How often are you diapered?

    Usually nowadays, the only time I'm not is when I'm at work (I'm an educator, so my motivations should be clear) or when I'm visiting family.
  6. Osthagen

    Saw someone in the mall

    I've had a few suspicions, but never a case where I've been absolutely sure that I was right. I think that if I did, I'd try and make them notice mine.
  7. Osthagen


    I use nappy on here too, its what I'd use in everyday speech. Welcome, by the way.
  8. Osthagen

    Would you ever change another ABDL’s messy diaper?

    I’ve changed my wife’s nappy. I do every evening. Though it was months after we’d first met before she even considered asking me
  9. Osthagen

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Just been changed out of a shitty and soaked ABU Super Dry Kids. In a Cushies now.
  10. Osthagen

    Store Brand diapers size 7 and or 8?

    What size do Costco’s Kirkland go up to?
  11. Osthagen

    Hello from a sorta new person (who used to be called fnofsports)

    Welcome. So you’ve been on ADISC before?
  12. Osthagen

    Feeling guilty about waste

    No. Not only do my wife and I wear disposable nappies (out of choice) but we have a daughter who does (out of necessity) too, so we collectively produce a lot of used nappies. There are many, many things more environmentally damaging to the environment. I burn used nappies a lot, too, so that...
  13. Osthagen

    Ever changed a diaper/nappy before?

    I'm probably the best nappy-changer in the world. It's not really something to be proud of, but I'm pretty experienced. I currently change my wife's nappy at least once every night (she doesn't wear for necessity, she's a DL as I am), and I also change my daughter (1 year 9 months) several...
  14. Osthagen

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    A wet PeekABU, which will only get wetter and maybe a bit dirty.
  15. Osthagen


    From each of the first four generations, my favourite Pokemon is: Gen 1: Rhydon Gen 2: Ursaring Gen 3: Breloom Gen 4:
  16. Osthagen

    Adult diapers closest to modern baby diapers

    I remember the old, cloth-like Cushies used to be really similar to modern baby nappies (they were sort of like the ones my own daughter wears). But they discontinued those, three years ago I think, only doing the plastic ones. Hopefully they'll bring those back :) I haven't used them yet...
  17. Osthagen


    Pokemon were an important, in fact I'd say essential, part of my childhood! Both the anime and the games! The latter of which I still enjoy from time to time, I actually like downloading fan-made Pokemon games, such as LightPlatinum, and playing those, as well as the official ones. I haven't sat...
  18. Osthagen

    DIY diapers

    When I was a teenager, I realized that buying nappies was swallowing my savings, I decided that I would increase my stash by making a few of my own. I still bought nappies but I figured I could save a bit of cash every now and then by using homemades. I largely did this by taking a white...
  19. Osthagen

    Should I ask my unapproving wife to be padded as a birthday gift?

    No you shouldn't! Now obviously, shouldn't is not an absolute mustn't but I really don't think asking her to do that will go well for you. If she doesn't approve of you wearing nappies/diapers, how do you think she is going to feel about wearing one!?!? Not happy to say the least. She obviously...
  20. Osthagen

    What are you wearing at the moment?

    Diapered now, wearing a ABU SDK (two tape type), with a white long-sleeve Guns N Roses t-shirt with some jeans over the top.