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  1. bambinod

    Are plastic-backed adult diapers here to stay in the future?

    I doubt it. We're a niche market here. Disposable baby diapers may go mostly or completely to clothlike, but the demand for plastic shell in ABDL diapers isn't going to go away and will continue to drive the manufacturers to produce products that sell better to their intended audience. They...
  2. bambinod

    DryDayz White Single Tapes

    DD released a nice single tape diaper awhile ago, it's one of the best single tape diapers available. (easily on par with Inspire Select) Despite the single tapes, they're still quite "safe" for overnight. I ordered their white rev2's after that and was surprised by the difference. The fit...
  3. bambinod

    New Printed Diapers on Amazon

    LFB has a nice variety of patterns for what appears to be the same base model. They should come up with a mixed case of 1ea, which besides being a nice sampler, would save the consumer a lot on per-piece price. I'm going to message one of the sellers this weekend and see if they have or can...
  4. bambinod

    Question about diaper 2

    I thought northshore had some pullups that were rated for better than average capacity for pullups?
  5. bambinod

    Wearing to bed?

    Yep, those are basically the only two "use" things you need to know. The only thing left to do is pick a diaper that has enough capacity to be sure to last you the night. (I vary what I wear overnight, depending on what I am guessing I'll need - I get it right MOST of the time)
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    New Printed Diapers on Amazon

    I would hope that would be for a case, but without being spelled out anywhere in the listing, you could easily end up with just one bag.
  7. bambinod

    New Printed Diapers on Amazon

    I also see these, again with the "blue" theme that was mentioned in another thread
  8. bambinod

    Are plastic-backed adult diapers here to stay in the future?

    Quite a few of us have encountered problems with "pinhole leaks" - although they do show up in plastic-shelled diapers, they're a much more common problem in cloth-backed. Plastic pingholes when sap grains are too large, near the shell, and encounter friction, which wears a hole in the shel...
  9. bambinod

    What adult diapers most resemble pampers

    Rearz Vintage Replica: actual Pampers (phases): ABU SDK: actual Pampers (baby dry):
  10. bambinod

    Using the diaper

    the only way to get easier is to do it over and over and over again
  11. bambinod

    Onesie supply

    northshore probably has the best price for what you get onesie sizing is a pain though. GET ONE and make sure it fits before ordering more. they also shrink a lot when first washed.
  12. bambinod

    Why ABU still out of stock on S/M size

    It's very challenging / expensive for a niche retailer to keep a large variety of products in stock. Warehouse space is at a premium, and the more variety you want to carry also increases the amount of capital you have locked up in inventory. ABU has worked for years to grow their business to...
  13. bambinod

    Diapers you wore as a baby?

    Probably luvs for me, mom said I had the rash issue with pampers too.
  14. bambinod

    Abena M4s

    They definitely have clumping issues, but they also have short leak guards, popping tapes, and no rear waist elastic. (along with a very long unpadded end) But they wick great. Oh, the padding also gets VERY close to the "back corners" where leaks happen. I've pulled out quite a few of them...
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    But isn't it great when you get home and see that big brown box by the door? :)
  16. bambinod

    Mattress Protector

    walmart (and I think target?) carries mattress protectors also. They can be hard to locate in the store however.
  17. bambinod

    Are plastic-backed adult diapers here to stay in the future?

    People that wear for need over the long term usually migrate quickly toward less expensive products to reduce cost over the long term. This drives the manufacturers to make cheaper, lower quality products that meed the shrinking price points of a large portion of their customer base. In the...
  18. bambinod

    Adult diapers closest to modern baby diapers

    Although I thought they were the bets single tape diapers available, I doubt they will make another run - it took them too long to sell the first run. If you want a design, the Little Squirts are the same diaper with an all-over print. I personally would have liked to have seen them use the...
  19. bambinod

    ConfiDry issues

    my tl;dr: They're a nice diaper, though they certainly have limits. Despite the name, they seem to have only a middling amount of sap, so they don't swell much (if at all) and definitely don't "feel" dry when wet, but they do wick well and have at least average absorption speed if not a little...
  20. bambinod

    What adult diapers most resemble pampers

    This exact question was discussed in a very recent thread. There too I mentioned that Rearz made a single run of Vintage Replica using an actual Pampers pattern for the front panel, applied to their Inspire line. Really the only thing making it less-than-authentic was the use of the double...