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  1. RetroGamerGuy

    ConfiDry issues

    hmm i have had no issues with Confi-dry oddly. I have pretty much flooded them occasionally too with no issues.
  2. RetroGamerGuy

    Anybody wanna party up?

    sadly i play on PC and rarely PS4 :/
  3. RetroGamerGuy

    Division 2

    so im a hypocrite apparently :/ I went and bought Div 2 and its kinda fun but extremely hard to play alone. Not really looking forward to the endgame but regardless its not a game
  4. RetroGamerGuy

    Anyone Looking Forward to Classic WoW?

    I couldnt care less about classic wow. Ive played WoW since the REAL classic wow and seriously...just going back to the old boring quests with no quality of life stuff or ANY of the better classes they released in expansions? No thanks it shoulda stayed in the past
  5. RetroGamerGuy

    Nostalgia Factor & You: A Cheesy Thread Title

    I love classic SNES games that i had loving memories of like playing Final Fantasy 3 (6 in japan) with a babysitter when i was a kid. Games like Chrono Trigger and Mario world because they bring back so many happy memories of getting them for christmas and stuff
  6. RetroGamerGuy

    Babyfur Species

    errr lilkayden i believe your link thing didnt work correctly :P
  7. RetroGamerGuy

    Dream about onesies?

    Yeah if i ever had a SO i would definetly beg her to wear that with a diaper XD
  8. RetroGamerGuy

    I just made my fist diy diaper

    I believe you can also talk to Northshore and they will give you a free sample. Do be carefull though that you dont get caught!
  9. RetroGamerGuy

    I'M SCREAMING! Commissioned my friend to draw my fursona

    wow i like your art style its floofy
  10. RetroGamerGuy

    I’m new and scared

    yes i second the thank you for your service. I know its gonna be hard to abstain from doing what you really want to but moosey is totally right. if you live off-base (not deployed) then i could say go for it but if you are in a barracks on base its not worth it
  11. RetroGamerGuy

    AB/Littlespace Shows!

    I like a wide range of animation and cartoons myself but OBVIOUSLY mlp is my main go to~
  12. RetroGamerGuy

    I’m new and scared

    First of all welcome to the community! Second of all take things slow at first and find out if you have the privacy and time to indulge at least at the start. This is definetly the place for support
  13. RetroGamerGuy

    Hi hi!

    Wow what a great intro! I hope you will help keep our video game forum thread a bit more active lol. Trust me when i say you have found the number one best supportive community / family on the entire internet here
  14. RetroGamerGuy

    Hello my name is Sheepies and I hoard diapers

    @Sheepies you are preaching to the choir miss. In the last months i had packs of Bambino/DC amor/Rearz and i just HAD to get a pack of Crinklz and Confi-dry as well so my two drawers of diapers are full still and still have like 3 more packs in the closet! AND im thinking of eventually getting...
  15. RetroGamerGuy

    Any DLs who like printed diapers?

    I am kinda weird lol. I adore babyish diapers like SDKs but I also sometimes like cute diapers like DC Amors. However recently ive fallen in love with Confi-dry 24/7 because they are extremely soft and crinkly and hold a ton even though they are just white. Other then Crinklz ive never really...
  16. RetroGamerGuy

    Any baby girl’s training pants (not Pull-Ups) that are still pink?

    DC Amor are probably the best pink girly diapers on the market right now
  17. RetroGamerGuy

    When The Parents are Away...

    im not gonna lie i had a lapse in judgement as an adult where i asked my REAL mother if shed be willing to diaper me once....needless to say it was extremely awkward and i apologized profusely afterwards lol we laugh a little about it today
  18. RetroGamerGuy

    Kinda a dumb diaper question

    yeah i usually put them on lying down. I still after all this time havent gotten the process 100% correct yet. I only mention it cause i felt like i had to be REALLY carefull sitting down because it felt really stiff
  19. RetroGamerGuy

    Kinda a dumb diaper question

    Am i taping my diapers incorrectly? I only ask this because when i want to wear one and sit at my computer or sit on any normal chair it always seems really hard like im putting too much stress on them and they puff out alot
  20. RetroGamerGuy

    When The Parents are Away...

    mmmm id probably stick with doing it in your own privacy if you are still with your parents. I know i wouldnt want to wear diapers and stuff around them even though they already know. Its just kind of a common curtesy type thing