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    Ordering Online

    I just thought I would add an update on he pants....I tried a couple of the "clear" pants but they are not as durable as the white vinyl...
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    Breastfeeding Fantasies

    Yes.....I can imagine the thoughts and the feeling!
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    Ordering Online

    Hello Trina....I uploaded some images of these in the Media area. Thank you for your thumbs up!
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    With respect to the question..."Do I Wet The Bed?" I have two very thick and very durable waterproof mattress covers that are on the mattress ever since it was new. These completely cover both sides and close with heavy-duty zippers. On top of that, I have a very thick heavy-duty trap that is...
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Over the many years, I tried so many different types of diapers. What I quickly learned was that I did not want to buy any in a public place so I simply invented my own style from heavy-duty bath towels. I only fold them so that they are about 8-10 inches wide and the folds can be two or three...
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    My boyfriend just confided in me about his love for diapers

    Hello DocBrown....that is a very good explanation!
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    Comment by 'tinkletiger' in media 'Haian_Products_on_Amazon.jpg'

    These products are very durable and they last a long time as long as you wash them with care (hand wash or use the delicate cycle on your washing machine).
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    These products are very durable and I found them on Amazon. Be aware that there are some images that look similar that are not good quality. If you look for these, make sure they have the name "Haian" as the manufacturer. See my post in ABDL Products.
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    Ordering Online

    Best Vinyl Pants I Have Ever Found! If you are searching for the very best "waterproof" plastic/vinyl pants, I found the source several years ago. The avatar here in my profile is a photo of these pants. I tried numerous vendors all over the country but the sad part was that no matter the size...
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    Hello to the AB/DL world:

    Hello to everyone in this forum. I am new to this site but I have been an AB/DL for over 30 years. It is not something that I can share with anyone except those who share the same philosophy. Over the years I have experimented with numerous ways to customize things so that I can enjoy the...