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  1. chamberpot

    How often are you diapered?

    24/7 80% by choice
  2. chamberpot

    Feeling guilty about waste

    when the earth gets tired of us it will shake us off like a hard turd out of a diaper ,, when the end comes for us it'll be swift we are here but for a flash in the pan and whatever comes next just will be..
  3. chamberpot

    Wetting pants.

    I also started out wetting my pants, I wet my pants for years every time I got a chance, I still like to wet my pants and do so pretty often. diapers are a fairly new thing for me.. only in the last 10 years or so. I have messed in my pants without a diaper often also nothing quite compares to...
  4. chamberpot

    What’s wearing 24/7 like?

    It is expensive, I used to spend more on booze though, like any habit or hobby if your not IC this is an expense that you bring upon yourself, unlike those who have a medical need. other then that i love being 24/7 and have been for last 2 years or so.
  5. chamberpot

    What’s your favorite thing to do in diapers

    i Like to live life to it's fullest,, just like how I like my diapers
  6. chamberpot

    Anyone have any getting caught stories???

    W Right after XP Medical changed hands about a year or so ago I get a pesonal note in the US mail from them with discounts on my latest purchases listed.. The wife had it sitting on the counter and told me I had some mail. I now do my trading with Northshore
  7. chamberpot

    What are the thickest and best quality store bought diapers you’ve found?

    although I wear a good quality overnight diaper (NS Mega-max) during the daytime I wear a pull up that I get from Sams Club that i have found to be very good for me.. they are "Members Mark Total Protection for Men" very cost effective 80 for $34.00, I can get by with at least one full release...
  8. chamberpot

    Should I ask my unapproving wife to be padded as a birthday gift?

    I would say let sleeping dogs lie.. you could be asking for trouble, for sure asking her to pad up could be disastrous for you. I am pretty much in the same boat as you , my wife knows I am padded every night but refuses to talk to me about it, she does like the fact that the bed doesn't get...
  9. chamberpot

    Any DLs wear diapers to work?

    I started wearing a pull up to work about two years ago and have everyday since then, I can almost always make it to the bath room without to much problem , They are usually well wet by the time I leave for home, I stand up all day at work so leaks are not a problem, sometimes I will add a...
  10. chamberpot

    Training for bedwetting

    Bellybag, I guess you can just call me Mental, it is really easy to throw that out for anything you don't agree with. I am off to review all your post to make sure your a stable individual
  11. chamberpot

    Northshore Supreme Lite...oh my!

    I revived the same sample packet in my last order of magemax and surpremes... I could see me having some of them on hand.
  12. chamberpot

    Training for bedwetting

    If you have the bed well protected and don't mind doing lots of washing I don't see anything wrong with wetting the bed , I thoroughly enjoy wetting the bed when the urge hits, I diaper up almost all the time but sometimes I really just want to wet the bed and will forgo the diaper, doesn't hurt...
  13. chamberpot


    Megamax is going to get my vote for a suggestion
  14. chamberpot

    Did you sometimes pee your bed intentionally once you started becoming dry because you were not yet ready to give up the security of your night diaper

    sometimes when your thinking you should wet the bed and then you just find yourself doing just that,,, my wife always thought I wet the bed because I was drunk, then I quit drinking,
  15. chamberpot

    Were you spanked as a child

    I was not spanked often , I was switched and I was beaten on a regular basics I can remember one time when a neighbor stopped and pull my father off me as he was blooding my face, no I was not spanked often.
  16. chamberpot

    How to meet other DLs?

    I recently met with another person that I met on this forum, I also have always wanted to interact with another ITRW we had a great conversation over dinner. Now this is after being involved in this for about 60 years so all I can say is be patient very very patient
  17. chamberpot

    Where is everyone from?

    NH also
  18. chamberpot

    What's your avatar and why?

    Mine used to have a Chamber-pot next to the bed , but has been cropped out with the new format 🙁
  19. chamberpot

    What it takes to be 24/7

    24/7 you will find that you have a lot of diapers to dispose of say maybe 4 minimum if they are good ones or as many as 6 or more if they are not, a trashbag or can of wet diapers gets pretty heavy pretty quick and you have to get rid of them pretty quickly.
  20. chamberpot

    What’s your favorite diaper color?

    White all the way