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  1. BabyGurlSydney

    Good Brand To Start With??

    I'm a pretty petite girl and I've never worn actual diapers. Just pull ups idk what to get. I usually get pull ups size 4T-5T but I wanna feel like I'm really in a diaper. Lately I've been wearing 2 to get the feeling and I want the tape on the sides :/ is there a baby diaper size that's close...
  2. BabyGurlSydney

    New to the ABDL Community

    My name is Sydney I'm 22 but my play age is 4[emoji111] [emoji188] I just jumped into the Adult Baby/Diaper Lover community after fantasizing about wearing diapers again my whole life. I first put a diaper on secretly, on my own time when I was 8 but when I peed in it, it made a mess so I...