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    Where do you stand politically?

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    People under 25, what are your thoughts on the older people here?

    I'm going on 19 right now, and looking around to see many people who are in there 40s or 50s or even 60s is... Weird... This is coming from a person who had to live with people who are in there 80s, and seeing all these other older people around makes me feel, again, weird. I am mainly speaking...
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    What do YOU have? (Caretaker)

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    ABDL Themes in Hiveswap Spinoff game!

    As you can probably clearly see, I am a homestuck fan! In one of the games, present, is HEAVY abdl and OMOrashi themes! Homestuck is a webcomic about 4 kids and 12 aliens playing a game to destroy the world and remake it. There is a game spinoff that takes place before the comic called...
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    Can being an ABDL (NSFW or SFW) ruin my career?

    Can being an ABDL (NSFW or SFW) ruin my career? :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: I dont want to say this. But. I am a content creator. I am scared that this might ruin my chance as an artist. If some...
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    Starvation and Dehidration

    I love diapers but I hate this. I hate not being able to go anywhere without borderline peeing myself. Anxious? WELP!!! Time for my blatter to mess up! Im so anious and parinoid. I havent been drinking water so this would not happen and i need to stop this adiction of self hurt. Any tips?
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    Whats your perfect ABDL Fantasy?

    abdl fantasys? Thoughts? Opinions? - - - Updated - - - For me, its being in a diaper, being cradled in my loves arms and being sang to by her. Her lightly touching my face and telling me that everything is going to be okay.
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    ABuniverse recommendations?

    I wanna order something from ABU, although I dont know what would be a good starter diaper. I would do mixed cases but they dont all come in my size. I am looking for something that wont squeeze my legs to tightly! What did you guys use as your first real diaper? Is ABU any good of a company...
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    "Best diapers for" Questions!

    This is a bunch of questions that start with 'Best diaper for'! 1.) Best diapers for non-incontinence/dryness? (sfw?) 2.) Best diapers for wetting? 3.) Best diapers for messing? 4.) Best diapers for hiding under pants? 5.) Best diapers for nsfw/sexual side? 6.) Best diapers for incontinence...
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    Do you guys feel good if you were in males business wear/business casual while diapered? I dont know if im trans or not, but I LOVE males business clothes! I have really been experimenting with my gender, and Im thinking about binding! THEN I thought about being diapered in a business atire...
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    To make diapers pure (warning! Mentions some gross stuff!)

    To Make Diapers Pure Here is my little story. I am online, wanting to look up some pure wholesome ABDL videos! A healthy relationship! lets just say- thats not what I got. Instead, I ran into many nsfw posts and videos. I dont mind that others do that! Like- they do what they like, and good on...
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    Have any diaper college storys?

    Im going to college soon! I want to have on a diaper one day! Did/do any of you guys go diapered to college? Ever wet in a diaper in schools? Did you guys ever use or have on a diaper in high-school? What do you guys think of this?
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    How do you like your diapers changed?

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    Have you ever commissioned someone to draw diaper art for you?

    Have you ever commissioned someone to draw diaper art for you? If so! Please show it! Who was the artist? Was it of a human character? Or a furry character? Or was it yourself? Can you tell me about the character in the art? Why chose them? (I didint put this in furries because it...
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    How little do you feel today?

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    A question for the girls!!! (tw blood)

    I am a biological girl, but I am not incontinence. What on earth do you guys do on your period??? Do you have on a pad or tampon underneath? How long does it take to clean up all that blood and stool??? Does it clog up sap with blood, making the diaper not work as well??? Id love to know more...
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    Do YOU mess your diapers?

    - - - Updated - - - I wanna try it someday, although I fear of an infection due to lack of experience with cleanup. I wish someone on an adult site would make a cleanup tutorial... Bleh... I am female so I have BIG FEAR when it comes to cleanup
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    Diapered in The Bath Tes

    This is a test on how to see how diapers react to bathtime!!! Test 1 Depends ??/??/2017 Shower test It did fine. The water didn't get in the diaper much at all!!! :D It didn't bust! Although it was quite hot and heavy! Test 2 Depends ??/??/2017 Bathtime Test It was fine and dry. Until...
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    Best food for constipation

    This Post Is Less About Incontinence And More FOR Incontinences I am stressed, to the point where Im having some... Issues. Im afraid im going to wet myself and I think I need diapers more then I once thought. But my biggist issue is- well... constipation... :( Questions! Whats the best...
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    *slow clap* Thanks Depends.

    Thanks Depends. Thanks. The thanks is sarcasm. Although. I have a story to tell... I have anxiety and I panic very easily, and I was listening to some diaper hyposis to help me calm down and make me feel more calm. I feel myself start to pee, and so, first thing I do is; "SHOOT SHOOT WAKE UP...