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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Dry 24/7
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Dry 24/7
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    Brand of Diapers you like?

    I like Dry 24/7
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    I’m new and I’m nervous about liking diapers.

    Hi there this over all forum is a great place to get some information, there are several great people on here that will be able to help and give some guidance. For me I have incontinence (IC) so I wear 24/7 but over all I love the feeling of the safety and security and how they make me feel! I...
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    Any DLs wear diapers to work?

    I wear 24/7 because of my IC, so I do wear to work everyday all day. My job is very active I have found my go to diaper to be Dry 24/7 the hold up very well for me.
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    Does Shaving Help?

    I find it helps to I wear 24/7 because of IC. I feel dryer down there I believe it help prevent diaper rash and I also feel it cuts down on the smell. Hair love to hold smell and bacteria. I just feel cleaner all the way around and it also just makes clean up easy.
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    Engineering a stink proof diaper

    I use the Nullo pill to it works great.
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    New reading material

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Northshore Care is Awesome!

    Hello everyone I just wanted to share a great experience I have had with Northshore Care. I am incontinent so I order my supplies from them on a regular bases. I order 2 case a month of ConfiDry 24/7 I love the product and works very well for me. Anyway my last shipment I revived I got...
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    Where is everyone from?

    Michigan, USA
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    Tried Plastic Backed Diapers for the First Time

    I only wear plastic back Dry 24/7. I try cloth but the just don’t feel secure to me at all. I agree with everyone else plastic back dose keep odors in check. I have also had them chafe my back side of my legs when it hot out and I sweat I have found that if I ware a pair of Niki Pro dry fit...
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    The perfect jeans for guys!

    I agree I have 4 pairs as well I love them!
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    Medical, not ABDL diapers, please.

    I wear Dry 24/7 as a nice plan white diaper. They do a great all around job for me. I do like the Northshore Mega Max to but I feel to get through my day they bulk up way to much when wet. The Dry 24/7 do just a little but for me it is much more manageable to get through the day I have a very...
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    Tykables Little Builder Smell?

    I have to also notice the plasticy smell, I don't use Tylables very often I normally use medical diapers but I did notice the smell more when it became a little wet and like PaddedInPuyally said when I was sitting down it was much more noticeable.
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    Best Diapers for 24/7? (Economically and Practically)

    Dry 24/7 is my go to diaper all the time for day and night I am a heavy wetter, to me they don't bulk up a hole lot for me and I can get at least 3-4 good wetting in along with the constant dribble before have to change, to me they are similar to the Northshore supreme. I like the dry 24/7 a...
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    What is it like? For me I am 100% incontinence with bladder all the time but sometimes bowel to I wear 24/7, most of the time it doesn't even bother me that I have a diaper on I would rather have a diaper on then to wet or mess myself why at work or in public. I also diabetic and I take...
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    Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone, I am hoping to be able to learn more from other people in the community I suffer from incontinence and I wear 24/7. I am male and 36 years old I Hope to learn lots for other members of the community. I have become and DL over time. I am also starting to explore the AB side of...