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  1. RetroGamerGuy

    Trying ABU BunnyHopps for the First Time!

    my ONLY (tiny) nitpick with Bunny Hops is that since they are using the hook and loop system they only have a tiny tiny adhesive strip which you would obviously use when wrapping it after use. 99% of the times ive finished with one the adhesive is totally unusable so its almost impossible to...
  2. RetroGamerGuy

    Peek ABU good Daytime Diaper?

    PeekABU are seriously awesome diapers that hold a ton but are soooo expensive compared to other diapers.
  3. RetroGamerGuy

    Lol Why thank you! Just randomly found on the net. Im trying to get a fursona made up so I can...

    Lol Why thank you! Just randomly found on the net. Im trying to get a fursona made up so I can use that instead
  4. RetroGamerGuy

    It’s been so quiet over here.

    ironically here it isnt that quiet at all. Tons of cars still on the road driving around (to where i have no idea). People outside walking their dogs and riding bikes and stuff but never in groups of course
  5. RetroGamerGuy


    I am unsure if ANY company does free samples besides Northshore but they are US based. They might do it to Canada but again im not sure
  6. RetroGamerGuy

    interesting ideas

    Would a hammock kind of function sorta similarly to a cradle but with less wood? I swear someone was making adult riding toys like rocking horses and stuff
  7. RetroGamerGuy

    Who is diapered every night?

    I try to be diapered every night but I can't always since it gets so expensive. Especially with stuff going on in the world recently. Too afraid ill run totally out and not have the money for more
  8. RetroGamerGuy

    Recent vintage Pampers scent search results

    Oh my....Jdm66 might be our missing link in this quest! Someone get him some of these fragrances so we can finally find the holy grail of diaper scents!
  9. RetroGamerGuy

    A shoutout to Northshore customer service

    Yep i have said it time and time again that Northshore goes out of their way to make the customer happy no matter what. (not an advert)
  10. RetroGamerGuy

    Pull-Ups are NOT nappies/diapers! One of my tricky opinions.

    It might also be kind of that thing where when you grew up and what your mind attached to growing up, diapers or pull ups, is what really matters to you and what you like. I'm one of the many here that grew up in the best diaper time of the 80s where thick, taped, crinkly diapers where the norm...
  11. RetroGamerGuy

    What Brand Did You Start Out With?

    Sadly if you want cute diapers you are most likely going to have to pay a good amount. Though Crinklz are not THAT expensive and very good diapers. I personally have fallen hard for Northshores MegaMax diapers which are not ABDL diapers but are some of the best fitting and feeling diapers ive...
  12. RetroGamerGuy

    Dream Diapers?

    A diaper that looks and smells exactly like 80s baby diapers and isn't the same price as gold lol
  13. RetroGamerGuy

    Porch Pirates

    Oh gosh no of course not but MAN was it satisfying to watch those scummy criminals get their commuppance
  14. RetroGamerGuy

    Porch Pirates

    I swear there was a famous Youtuber guy who makes inventions or whatever that made a glitterbomb package that was stolen and it sprayed fart spray and glitter all over the people who stole it as well as video taped them via cheap smart phones inside
  15. RetroGamerGuy

    New tykables - puppers

    Sigh yet another diaper from Tykables that I cannot try because their Larges are too small!
  16. RetroGamerGuy

    Making a first fursona

    Yeah its used as a FIRST template for what you give to OTHER artists you want to commission to do art of your character. Meaning you first get a ref sheet made and THEN you can get anything else you possibly could want even if you intend to do a real fursuit of it
  17. RetroGamerGuy

    Making a first fursona

    Welp im pretty overwhelmed...I have no idea how to find someone to do a ref sheet for me. I spent hours on FA last night looking around and have no idea what to do :/
  18. RetroGamerGuy

    What con are you excited for?

    Well its official I am going to MegaPlex for the first time~ Now I wonder if i should volunteer to staff it since ive done that for pony conventions for years...
  19. RetroGamerGuy

    Question for the group??? In your opinion, What is the noisiest & most crinkly adult diapers???

    @AliTigerCub oh lordy they are basically like having a plastic bag on lol (sound wise I mean)
  20. RetroGamerGuy

    Requested some northshore samples

    Yep and they make my favorite and most comfortable diaper ever which is the Megamax~