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  1. Gingy

    whats your diaper music other than lullabies

    I typically listen to the same music diapered as I do underwear'd. Animals as Leaders, Scale the Summit, The Contortionist. Mostly extended range progressive music.
  2. Gingy

    Modern Masculinity Discussion

    To wear men's clothing and present yourself as male. Gender roles have been around for a long time. But now in days, when you bring attention to them, you're usually just being sexist. I personally can't stand them. You shouldn't expect a person to be a certain way or do certain things because...
  3. Gingy

    Problem with Daddy changing me.

    You could just hydrate really well whenever you wear around him. It is a diaper after all. He should be aware of what goes on in it.
  4. Gingy

    Diapers and airport screeners check this out

    The TSA is actually removing all the body scanners. They were decidedly a violation of privacy. A lot of airports have gone back to metal detectors. Some are getting new scanners which use different technology and provide a much less detailed image, without showing off your naughty bits. Source
  5. Gingy

    when your bored what do u all enjoy doing

    Void my life into Reddit. Or play guitar. 3,000th post! Last one was 11 months ago! :O
  6. Gingy

    Hey, I haven't been on here in ages... I just need to get some new diapers maybe. School is...

    Hey, I haven't been on here in ages... I just need to get some new diapers maybe. School is over, single room next year. ;D How about you?
  7. Gingy

    I renounced my Christian beliefs a few days ago...

    Hello sir. I know plenty of christian metalcore bands. I'm in a technical progressive deathcore band. It's djenty... I suggest reddit .com/r/atheism as an outlet. Beware though, it can be offensive...
  8. Gingy

    old server crash

    I remember you. I was "Me :p" I'm here every once in a while. At college, trying to avoid binges...
  9. Gingy

    Hey, nothing interesting... It's snowing on and off here in Buffalo NY. When it starts up (every...

    Hey, nothing interesting... It's snowing on and off here in Buffalo NY. When it starts up (every hour or so) it snows sideways... How about you?
  10. Gingy

    Neo-nazis/skin heads/KKK

    Get yourself some pepperspray ;) I can only imagine how scary it must be. My friends from middle school (whom I haven't spoken to since) were able to pick me off as gay before I even knew about it. That may have been why they stopped talking to me. Why can't my gaydar be that good?
  11. Gingy

    I smoked weed for the first time and feel bad about it:(

    Yes. I have heard you have to smoke some multiple of your body weight to overdose. At the speed it burns, that's not possible. [Removed]
  12. Gingy

    Do you believe in capital punishment and/or abortion

    I support abortion. If somebody can't afford (not money wise) to carry out a pregnancy, or raise a child, they shouldn't have to. Sex shouldn't be some sacred thing on a podium. People have sex. People make mistakes. Capital punishment is a bit of a soft spot. I said I don't believe in it, but...
  13. Gingy

    Diaper Prescription

    While it is immoral and wrong, you could maybe tell a doctor you have a weak bladder, and have had accidents. Of course, you shouldn't do this though. It would be cheating the system.
  14. Gingy

    Abena M4's: Too much for TB's?

    Whenever I wear an M4, I down two liters of water. It usually allows me to get the most of it without leaking.
  15. Gingy

    Diapers For Bed Wetting

    In my experience, pull-on diapers are much more prone to leakage than fitted diapers. Stay dry.
  16. Gingy

    ADHD Poll/Experiences

    In 7th grade my ADHD friend wet the bed at my house. In 8th, I wet the bed at his. I don't have it though.
  17. Gingy

    How long can you wear a nappy for?

    I generally hate taking a diaper off unless it's completely filled. I normally wear at night, and drink 2 liters of water when I put it on. I've stayed in those as long as 18 hours, but I usually have to take them off because my family is always home.
  18. Gingy

    Mice in stash

    I came home from school today and in the car back from the bus stop, my dad said there was a mice nest under my blue chair. That's where I keep part of my stash, and I forgot if I had left anything there. I did. An M4 and an M2 both had teeth holes in them, and my Abri-Let Maxi boosters were...
  19. Gingy

    need help

    I would give it a shot if asked to by my partner. I am not into that though, so I think I would let them know.
  20. Gingy

    Lucid dreaming

    I've been trying to lucid dream for a few months. I used to never remember my dreams, but now I remember them pretty well almost every night. Last night was the first time I have ever dreamt in third person (that I know of) I said some weird things. I saw myself as a little kid looking over a...