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  1. dirtbike4x4

    NCIS:LA Reference

    Every Municipality has its own rules and standards no there is no blanket answer to this, but I would suspect that being IC does make you unfit for duty and a police officer. I know it makes you unfit for duty in the US Military.
  2. dirtbike4x4

    Isn't there a proper pullup?

    I got a sample pack of them with my last order and they actually work well. They are not as good as their Abri-Form diapers, but they are good none the less and if pull ups are what you really want I would recommend ordering some of the Abenas they're pretty much the best you'll find.
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    Anyone been thru the TSA lately?

    This is actually a legitimate concern of theirs, they're people, they make mistakes and mis things; sometimes big things. I have been know to forget about things like leatherman's, buck knives, etc when I fly and take them out of my back pack cause they are always in there and I have never been...
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    What to use as a diaper pail?

    This just popped into my head for an, inexpensive and discreet diaper pail substitute. I was cleaning out the closet of junk in my apartment where everything people bring to parties and leave behind ends up, and most of it never gets taken home. If your only need space for a cloth diaper or...
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    What to use as a diaper pail?

    I'm in agreement about the large tupperware, thats what I have for a diaper pail and it works well for my cloth diapers and I wash them every other or every third day. The other thing I do to help keep the smell down is rinse my diapers. This works well for me cause I wear cloth diapers pretty...
  6. dirtbike4x4

    The last diaper...

    True, I never really thought about that... Even the most expensive diapers, like Abena X-pluses which go for $1.65 a piece (on XPmedical) yield hours of potential enjoyment, even possibly a whole night or day of enjoyment. When you think about it like that $1.65 is pretty damn cheep.
  7. dirtbike4x4

    How to put yourself in tape diapers the best way?

    The tape diapers I primarily wear are Abena Abri-Forms so I don't really get to adjust the tapes, once they're stuck they're stuck for good, which is a blessing and a curse. It means that I only have one shot to get them where I want them, but I've NEVER had an issue with tapes coming undone...
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    Best all in one diapers? And how do you wash some of these?

    Agreed. I have two of the BabyKins adult AIO diapers and they work well and hold up well to being washed and machine dried. I primarily wear cloth diapers at night while I'm asleep and those AIO's do fine, as long as I put a doubler in them. They're easier than trying to pin on a cloth diaper...
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    What is the longest you been in a diaper before changing

    I voted half day because I've slept for nearly 12 hours in the same diaper.
  10. dirtbike4x4

    best daytime diaper

    I've never actually used the ATN's but I can speak about the Abena products, as I've tried most of them and really like them. For day-time wear I would recommend either the Supers (M2) or even the Extra (M3). Both are absorbent and have good leg seals, so you can wet while sitting in your...
  11. dirtbike4x4

    preventing leaking at night

    I have to disagree, I wear an Abena Extra with a booster pad to bed pretty much every night and I've never had a problem with leaks. I'm a stomach and side sleeper so I don't really think that is a problem with a good diaper. The trick I use is make sure the legs (which I tape up first) are...
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    when going 24/7... when and where?

    Not really, as long as you don't sit around in your poopy diaper long and don't squish your poop everywhere, then clean up is pretty simple. Wet wipes help dramatically and make clean up pretty easy.
  13. dirtbike4x4

    Tabs or pullups?

    I keep a stock of Abena Abri-form diapers and Abena Abri-Flex pull ups. Both are great products and I recommend both. The diapers undoubtly get a better seal around my legs and support the weight of a full diaper and booster pad better than pull ups, but once put on correctly, they can only be...
  14. dirtbike4x4

    65$ and i want more than one cloth diaper

    Also check out BabyKins website, they have a full line of adult and youth sizes and make a good product which isn't that insanely expensive.
  15. dirtbike4x4

    Buying diapers in Florida

    Good point ben. I forgot that some pharmacies carry the cheep tenas, but there not full fledged diapers like attends or molicares are.
  16. dirtbike4x4

    Buying diapers in Florida

    I used to live in flordia about 3 months a year and I don't remember CVS, Publix, or walgreens having anything better than depends. You may be able to find a medical supply store while your there which may sell stuff like Attends. Try googling "medical supplies in tampa" or the like and see...
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    Buying Cloth Diapers Online

    I also just gettin into the cloth diaper thing as a way to say money in the long run, seeing how I wear a diaper most nights now. I'm glad to hear such good things about the BabyKin's line, as those are the products I have been looking at. I do have one question tho, do they ship the Adult...
  18. dirtbike4x4

    Have I been wearing the wrong size?

    @bambino4u: Check out, they have the full Abena line in all sizes and you can get reasonably priced sample packs of the entire product line in pretty much every size. Likewise to Knom, find somebody who sell sample packs of the diapers your looking at and order a medium and a...
  19. dirtbike4x4

    Would becoming Incontinent ruin your life?

    Likewise, atleast sort of. I'm in Navy ROTC so becoming inco would mean medical discharge which would really suck. I love what I'm doing and what I'll get to do when I'm commissioned. That being said I also couldn't afford the 40,000 a year tuition to stay in school which the navy in...
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    Last nights little adventure

    That is actually a legal requirement in some places, and always a good idea. I have a concealed carry permit for Virginia and one of the laws here is if your carrying concealed and you get pulled over you have 15 seconds from when the cop comes to your window to say "I have a concealed weapon...