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  1. perlFerret

    9 hour recommendation

    I will be traveling from Chicago to Paris (France, not Texas) this year. The flight is 9+ hours on the return trip. I intend to pad up right before boarding and drink a normal amount of water and coffee. I'd rather not have to change on the plane but I can if I have to. Can anyone recommend a...
  2. perlFerret


    I came across this thread after googling for some brand reviews: I hadn't thought of it that way before. I can definitely understand people dealing with a decidedly unpleasant medical condition thinking that AB/DL folks...
  3. perlFerret

    Mate finds diapers unsexy

    I've been married for five years and our sex life is great. I am sensitive to my partner's needs and preferences and I'm very aware that she finds diapers to be a turn-off. I'm fine with that - sex is about us, not just me. However, I'd like to start wearing diapers at night because I hate...
  4. perlFerret

    Fur Squared 2019

    My mate and I will be going to Fur Squared 2019 Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. PM me for my badge name if you're also going! :3
  5. perlFerret

    Good Night's Sleep vs. Expense and Inconvenience of Diapers

    I'm not incontinent and don't generally have wetting accidents except in times of high emotional stress or when I'm severely sleep deprived. But my generalized anxiety disorder is helped by wearing diapers at night as I feel more secure and comfy. All of this sounds like a good case for wearing...
  6. perlFerret

    Looking for recommendations

    This is yet another "recommend me a diaper" thread. My stash is low and I'm looking to replenish. I have two separate areas of need: The first is a daytime ABDL diaper. I like prints. Don't need gigantic absorbency but I do want good leak prevention. The second is a nighttime diaper. I pee a...
  7. perlFerret

    Little while working from home

    I suddenly started feeling little while working from home today. Since I'm at home and already snuggling under a blanket while I code, I guess I could technically have a "little afternoon" but then I think it might not be appropriate since I'm technically "at work"? I dunno.
  8. perlFerret

    My brain and nakedness

    In high school and college, I never got invited to the kind of parties or events where people ended up naked. Lots of my friends did. I feel sort of "cheated" that I never did. Fast forward to December of this year and I had a bit of a depressive episode wherein I felt a very strange obsession...
  9. perlFerret

    Little when you don't want to be

    Sometimes I find myself entering little space or just plain feeling tiny when I really should be in adult mode. Usually it's because I'm panicking about my mate being emotional about something and not knowing how to help her or when I don't want to do something. Does anyone have any tips on how...
  10. perlFerret

    A me moment

    Chilling happily on the couch, home from endodontist, no more facial pain, wearing a diaper and pajama pants, working on my actual work while compiling a BSD kernel. Just a nice afternoon. :)
  11. perlFerret

    Diaperfur Complaints at Cons

    In a response to a fur con I follow on Facebook and Twitter, some people mentioned that exposed diapers (fully exposed, not just waistband showing) have become a common thing at some cons and that it's freaking some people out. I thought that went against the ethos of our community ("don't...
  12. perlFerret

    Quick advice: 4 hour plane trip, Dry 24/7 or Bellissimo?

    I'm going to be taking a 4 hour plane ride in a week. I have a choice between Dry 24/7 and Bambino Bellissimo. I intend to change right before and right after the flight. So taking into account all the factors (not just absorbency but also swelling, structural integrity after 4 hours of...
  13. perlFerret

    Why only Small/Extra Small at Thrift Stores

    I've been trolling thrift stores all summer here and the two brands I most commonly see are Certainty Fitted Briefs (bleh.) and Tranquility ATN (yay!). But the ATNs are ALWAYS Extra Small (or Small in the new sizing scale). I've never seen a Medium or Large. I get more and more grumpy that...
  14. perlFerret

    Piss pants party

    Heh. I just got a sample pack in the mail and my wife opened it. She texted me "your piss pants party fun kit came today." I love her. :)
  15. perlFerret

    Kids vs. Adults night wetting dynamics

    I was recently thinking about how goodnites or even tape-on overnight baby diapers manage not to leak when worn by kids in the appropriate age range. So what makes adults different? Kids can roll around all night and wet in all different positions and not leak but adults have to be careful...
  16. perlFerret

    Carefree babyfur days

    I'm always envious of how carefree many babyfurs look in art: having fun, playing, giggling, without a care in the world. And then sleeping soundly all snuggled up. In reality, whenever I roleplay as a littlefur, I'm pretty much always cognizant of how wet my diaper is, how well it's fitting...
  17. perlFerret

    Little Space

    The wife suggested that when we have a house, we should make a "little space" where we keep my diapers and supplies and we can have little-themed stuff and decorations there. It made me very happy to hear her say that. She makes me sooooo happy! :3
  18. perlFerret

    Finally going to wear at work

    I'm finally going to wear at work tomorrow. I'm a programmer so I sit at a desk for 8 hours a day. Here's my plan: I'm bringing 2 extra diapers, some lotion, and wipes in a briefcase in addition to the diaper I'll be wearing to work. Since I get in before most other people, I can go right to...
  19. perlFerret

    First furry crush

    I didn't see this thread in the search, so forgive if it's a duplicate. Who was your first furry crush? Was it before your first human crush? Mine was Maid Marian. Everything about her was perfect for me - her gentle nature, her sleek curves, her canine face, and her soft, floofy fur. But...
  20. perlFerret

    Away for a bit

    Sorry I've been away for a bit. We got married on Saturday and are on our honeymoon in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, having a great time. Yes, we brought the "party favors". :3. See you all on Sunday when we get back!!