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    Elton John or queen

  2. littlemoosey

    How Diapers bring us together....

    For some this is a bridge of an impossible length to cross, I wish it had gone better for you.
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    How Diapers bring us together....

    I totally get it. I am a very conservative individual as well. When I finally gave this up, that is, told my wife and she totally accepted me. I realized that there was no way that I could continue to be as judgemental as I had become about other peoples choices and life styles... how completely...
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    Most comforting/relaxing aspects of ABDL

    It is coming home from work in the afternoon and my wife grabbing my hand and saying, "lets go" as she takes me to the bedroom. Sometimes I ask her where we are going and she will say something like, "you need a nap" or "I am going to diaper this tail". She is so great, all I do is hug my moose...
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    Favorite candy bar

    Hands down...SNICKERS!
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    Been told to wear diapers by girlfriend.

    Lucky you... maybe that will help her understand it all a bit better and be even more accepting in the future.
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    Just lost my grandpa

    Sorry for your loss buddy, in time I hope all of the good memories that you have far outweigh the sadness you feel today. moosey
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    Nightime cloth? or Personally, I use the site, the product is second to none, great info on the website, what you need is a night time pre-fold with some good plastic pants, they sell those as well. The customer service is excellent, discreet and timely...
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    Plastic pants

    sure, babies in the 50's 60's and even into the 70's.... now it is moms that dont want to use disposables, and ab's like me a baby in the 50's. They add the true realism... cloth/plastic and pins it doesnt get any better than that!
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    Working from home - what dress code....

    The dress code is: 4 corner britches, the stuffie of your choice, standing knee deep in pizza boxes!
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    Has someone ever caught you as a AB or DL? How'd they react?

    well in the end, did you ever fess up to her?
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    The psychology of infantilism

    are you in a convent or a monastery?
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    The psychology of infantilism

    Haven't seen you in a while. You are over thinking this. How do you feel about it is what counts. All I can tell you is this... for many many years, I suppressed this side of myself until I finally had the courage to come out to my wife. Her complete embrace of me, of this side of me changed...
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    Sigh...Yesterday afternoon my younger brother "passed away"...

    I am very sorry for your loss caitianx. I wish that I had more that I could say or do. Are you going to be ok? Do you have help if you need it?
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    Comment by 'littlemoosey' in media 'IMG_20200314_154840_977.jpg'

    What is making the light pattern?
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    Trouble being mommy?

    He is definitely running this for all that it is worth... which is not fair to you. As DC alluded to, unless he is paying you... there should be two very defined relationships here, an BF/GF and an CG/LITTLE. I don't believe for a moment he "does not know" this will come on... he is just taking...
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    How do I tell the guy I’m dating to chill out with diaper talk?

    I agree with all of the above. He is probably just so excited that he has someone that he can actually talk to about it and that you still like him anyways. One thing that you have to understand is that he has probably been living under the radar for so long and that he has so many things that...
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    Adult Baby Highchair for Sale!

    I would so love this! Alas...15 year old son to contend with.
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    Who like taking naps

    I love it when Momma2moosey puts me down for a nap, one of the best parts of my day...more so when she comes in to wake me up.