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    If you're wanting pullups, I'd do Northshore then. They should be willing to send samples, but it might take a while nowadays...
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    I guess it depends. For light bladder leaks, I'd suggest Northshore's pullups. Since I don't know your gender, that's about the best advice I can give for LBL.
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    Very Scared

    I'm scared as well. It's a normal response. I don't like it, but I feel you.
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    Diaper March Madness!

    This is the coolest thing I've seen since I started isolating. It was only a matter of time (and I wish I would have thought of it), and I'm surprised it has taken this long. Fix the issue a bit, and you'll have a winner.
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    New Style Onesie

    I enjoy seeing new products! I wouldn't use it, because I love snapping the crotch, but it's super cool as an innovation.
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    Consider Donations (not preaching!)

    Hi All, I was going to post the below to the AB section in regard to the thread about limiting/stopping diaper usage during the Covid thing. I thought it could use its own thread. No sanctimony--as you can see below, I didn't really give that much, or that good of stuff: I gave wipes, a 2/3...
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    Adding To Your Stash...

    I chose Use a Few or whatever. But, this answer is skewed due to the Covid thing. A few months ago, I'd have selected the second choice from the top.
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    Severely Constipated Due To Holding Poo How Best To Encourage Resumption Of Normal Pattern?

    While on massive doses of narcotics for a surgery, I couldn't poop. I couldn't have sex, either. One night, my wife was playing with her Magic Wand (plug-in style). After she...was done, I vibrated my tummy for like 10 mins. After that, I had the best (although painful) movement of my adult...
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    Affordable thick diapers

    Northshore Lites are great for an in-between diaper. I think they're pretty cheap, but they might actually be on par with Crinklz...I'd have to check.
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    There is a run on toilet paper because of the virus in the US… Will our diapers be next???

    My neighbor (Albany, Oregon) had to drive 25 miles to get "girl stuff" for his 21-yo-daughter. I bought some pads and tampons for my (ex) gf, and didn't know how to offer them to the dad, because I know the daughter really well, lol.
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    Were can buy cloth diapers without buying online

    Well...this may be a "hybrid" solution: I've had success with local seamstresses...seampersons?...through Craigslist. I didn't mention I was ABDL, but did have some pretty good prefolds made to spec. So, you'd have to go online, which you obviously can, to start, but buy from an actual person...
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    Thank Christ.
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    Show Off Your Stuffed Diaper!

    No, not ON you. Just show your stuffed diaper. Let us know what type of diaper you're using, what kind of doubler/s and maybe even why you chose the arrangement . I'll go first: I usually wear a MegaMax to bed, but I found these Tranquility Topliner Super doublers at a thrift store, so I've...
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    MegaMax M vs Lil Rawrz L

    Thank you everyone (esp pampers4U)! I just ordered some Larges. I'm confident the feedback is sound.
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    What Brand Did You Start Out With?

    The first "product" I used was a Depend Shield (plastic-backed, if I remember correctly) with elastics and the buttons. My first actual diaper was a 90s Attends. Had to take it off immediately, if you get my drift... I have a Depend sample box, unopened, from 1986 (I believe that's the year)...
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    Time to Stock Up? Covid!

    I just did some Googling, and shipments from China are being disrupted due to the virus. I hear there's runs (he he) on toilet paper in I stocked up. 2 cases of MegaMax, a case of NS Lites, a case of Crinklz and a couple bags of AB diapers. Anyone else stocking up?
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    Tranquility Topliner Update?

    Edited due to legal, recreational cannabis use.
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    Tranquility Topliner Update?

    Hi Community, I'm a fan of boosters (comes from being a fan of menstrual pads in my youth, I suppose), so whenever I get the chance to grab some new ones online or ones I've tried at thrift stores, I jump at the chance, funds permitting. Recently, for example, I got some Abena "Boosters" for...
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    MegaMax M vs Lil Rawrz L

    I can wait a week. Just ordered some MegaMax! Please don't forget me. I've always wanted to try Tykables.