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    What was your worst incontinence experience?

    One time I flew from LA to Chicago...was like a 5 hour flight.At the time my incontinence had just kinda gotten worse and I was naive and didn’t wear something absorbant enough.Fell asleep and woke up damp..pants ruined..pee running down my leg. To make things worse, I had a middle seat. I...
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    Incontinent, is there any time you hate wearing diapers?

    I hate having to wear when I go camping or hiking or anything outdoors.One time I went flying fishing with friends and the entire time I was worried about falling in the water and ruining my diaper. Plus hiking and diapers don’t mix in my opinion.
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    Where do you change at home?

    When i’m home I change in the bathroom and I always change while standing. I usually stand over the used diaper in case I leak while changing.
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    Swim diaper advice

    Hello everyone, i’m here for swim diaper recommendations. I havent been swimming since ive become incontinent but im going on a cruise soon and I kinda wanna swim as there will be pools and we will be going to the beach. I’ve never used swim diapers so i was wondering which kind would be good...
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    Bladder spasm advice only concerns me because since my diagnosis the spasms have never been a huge problem but now it’s pretty bad.
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    Bladder spasm advice

    No but i’m lactose intolerant if that matters
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    Bladder spasm advice

    I do have MS so i’m thinking maybe thats causing it but I don't think i have an infection because I did a stick test and it was negative for a uti but ill keep what you said in mind and just go to urgent care.
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    Bladder spasm advice

    I use the azo go less bladder control on description it says its for bladder pains, which I have so i figured it could help.
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    Bladder spasm advice

    I have been having bladder spasms and now it’s gotten to the point where it is effecting my sleep and everything else.I can’t handle the pains anymore and i have a doctors appointment but that’s not for another three weeks.Does anyone have any tips on dealing with this or a temporary fix? I’ve...
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    What do your friends know about you?

    I’m not open about my medical issues and my wife is the only person that really knows about my incontinence problems. I’m rarely around family and my incontinence started way after I moved away from home so family doesn't know either. Friends are never an issue since I don’t have many and I plan...
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    Has anyone used a sheath catheter before

    I tried those once and never tried them again. Sad part is I was so excited to try them and ended up leaking everywhere.Embarrassing. Never again.
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    Dreams about using the bathroom

    So I’m just curious and I was thinking..i know some of y’all are incontinent and some just bedwetting or other things but when you sleep do you dream that you’re peeing? Or even more interesting do you dream that you’re having a bowel movement.For me personally , I don’t have these dreams and...
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    Are there any foods/drinks that worsen your incontinence?

    So I know everyone is different, but im curious to hear what foods or drinks worsen your incontinence.I also know there are certain foods that can make things worse, but not everyone is triggered by those. For me,I haven't really realized any drinks that worsen my incontinence besides alcohol...
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    Having a rough time

    It’s very unfair, but I think things could be worse so I try and stay positive. I like your idea on doing something kind for someone everyday though, i’m going to do that.I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but I feel like I should always keep my head up.I’ve got all of this support and...
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    Having a rough time

    I haven’t posted on here in awhile but I’ve been going through a rough time lately.My incontinence is caused by my MS and originally I was experiencing severe urge incontinence and minor bowel problems.My symptoms have gotten worse and for the past few months I’ve had multiple UTIs and a nasty...
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    How has incontinence effected you?

    I feel like my incontinence has made me appreciate things more.It can be a real mood killer and some days I really hate this is happening to me, but other days I'm just glad I have protection to help me live my life.
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    Experience with allergic reaction to diaper?

    So I've been using a new diaper (northshore supreme) and everything was going great until i've been getting rashes on my diaper area.At first I thought it was a diaper rash so I've been using some desitin and powder to try and stop it but its actually getting worse.It looks like patches of tiny...
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    Who Knows about your Incontinence/Diapers

    Ever since my problems got really bad ive kept things lowkey.Only close family knows about my incontinence.My wifes family doesnt know though and plan to keep it that way..unless she told them without me knowing..At work nobody knows either but a hand full of people know about my MS so if anyone...
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    Does anyone wear pads?

    Before my problems got really bad i use to use the tena gaurds.Before i used them i used the depends gaurds and in comparison I'd prefer the tena.I felt like the depends ones didnt handle sweat very well so things would get really uncomfortable and id get rashes.The tena gaurds are really good...
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    What kind of incontinence do you have?

    I totally understand.i have urge problems too and have turned to diapers since theres no need to add stress to trouble trying to make it to the bathroom everytime.