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    2 to 12 also the age range for a lot of daycares that don't take infants
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    With that as your favorite movie, I want to take a wild guess and say that 212 is also your street number! :) Love that movie. Welcome to the site.
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    Prostitution is now legal in Ontario

    Can someone from the Netherlands comment on the laws and rules there? I seem to remember they are fairly loose regarding this.
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    Hey there :)

    Hey actually that doesn't sound too bad, Roasted Barley? Hmmm
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    Wetting while driving... any suggestions?

    I too have noticed that while driving I have too much pressure/weight on me to pee normally. Doing it in town on a freeway or street is pretty much out of the question. However out on the interstate when you got it on cruise control, then it is much easier to use your feet to shift some weight...
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    Hey there :)

    Barely is a common ingredient of beer.
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    How can I make homemade diapers?

    1st, Welcome to the site. 2nd, go make an intro post. Then think about this. If someone had come up with a method to "make" a diaper that did NOT invole one of those methods, do you not think that it would have been posted to the Wiki already? Or maybe to one of the 4 other threads already...
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    Hey there :)

    Lots of MN people around here. Welcome to the site. What else do you like to do?
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    How many uses can you come up with for a pocket knife?

    Poking holes in a diaper so I can double up my diapers.
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    Going to go 24/7 for 2 weeks on a vacation to MN.

    If you do end up coming, I hope you have a nice time in the "Great White North". Just remember, it is Minnesota and it is winter, so it will be cold.
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    Buying diapers in Florida

    Another thing you can do is look on either Tena's or Tranquilities Website and do a find by location... That's how I found where do buy some Tranquility ATN's in Wisconsin the last time I went to visit.
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    What languages do you know and why?

    I am an English speaker. I can also read Danish a little bit and speak it a little less. Took it in college and I still use it weekly in my research project.
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    The Plastics...

    The plastic on the Tranquility ATN (All Through the Night) diaper I find very smooth also.
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    A warning to all american gun owners, and all freedom loving Americans in general

    I want to own a nuclear weapon, do I also need to justify owning it? Or how about owning child porn? Lots of things are banned by various authorities for private citizens to own and/or possess.
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    Huge Tena Pads vs. Tena Diapers

    I would think the pads would be easier to wear under clothes. They would also be easier to change standing up, when out and about.
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    I am an alpaca

    Every time I see this thread title, the first thing that comes to mind is "I am the Walrus".
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    How Do You Dry Your Plastic Pants?

    Thanks for all of the suggestions. I think the hanger inside to open them up, is the part I was missing. Will give that a try in the morning.
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    How Do You Dry Your Plastic Pants?

    So lately I have been wearing a lot more plastic pants, because I have been wearing to bed and wetting at night. I normally then need to rinse out my plastic pants the next morning. To dry them, I hang them in the shower, clothes pinned to a shower curtain ring. What happens a lot though, is...
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    Tena Ultra?

    They aren't too bad. But like any diaper that uses "fluff" it does have a tendency to pull apart when one part is soaked and the other is dry.