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  1. cpndl

    How Do You Dry Your Plastic Pants?

    So lately I have been wearing a lot more plastic pants, because I have been wearing to bed and wetting at night. I normally then need to rinse out my plastic pants the next morning. To dry them, I hang them in the shower, clothes pinned to a shower curtain ring. What happens a lot though, is...
  2. cpndl

    A return

    Haven't been here in awhile. As I am sure others here recognize, we all go away from the "life" and yet here I am back. The pull is just too great, and my wants and needs just can't be denied.
  3. cpndl


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  4. cpndl


    Greetings to Moo. I sure hope he returns soon. cpndl
  5. cpndl


    I'm a long time lurker that has recently decided to stop hiding and to start living. Some of you may recognize me from another forum, but if not that's okay. I've been a DL for many years now starting when I was given "protection" for my bed wetting when I was a young person. cpndl