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    Sleep troubles..

    sleep hygiene! No caffeine after lunch, no sugar after 3pm, exercise earlier in day (and ensure you are exercising), drink lots of water, routine - bedtime/wake up is always the same no matter weekday or weekend. No screens/blue light for 2 hours before bed - although I get away with this some...
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    Does anyone else love Super Undies?

    hmmm that may be it, I have a front load now at this house and it’s the worse ever. I’m very sensitive to laundry soaps so nature clean is the only one I use at moment (I actually have a laundry ball I use for 90% of clothes because I start to react if used too much). I live with my mom now so...
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    Does anyone else love Super Undies?

    I have the old xxl pull up training pants and original adult small (or xsmall .... the smallest size) snap up. LOVE the feel but I cannot get the smell out of them, I use them as diaper covers so every so often had up To a week before I washed with small amount of leakish. I have boiled...
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    What the difference between underjams and goodnites

    Underjams leak WAY less than goodnights but are smaller. I’m 89 pounds, 31” hips, 25” waist and underjams just fit, but sides still break after 4-5 hours depending how many times I pull them down, they don’t press out if you wet and then sit down which goodnights do ALL the time on me. And...
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    I cant sleep at night

    trying it’s just taking forever. I have CIRS from mold toxicity .... it causes wide spread inflammation and MANY symptoms for me. Worse is daily chronic migraines (on disability for), and associated body pain, fatigue, mental issues. I’m on supplements for that but because of money I can’t do...
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    Rearz silencer pants

    I’m too scared to Order again from babykins .... I had a cloth diaper from there and onesie and they are HUGE!! They never fit me in small until I gained 40 pounds and evne then the onesie was still to big (and I had a special order xsmall one). I’m 25” waist, 30.5” hips and 20” thighs At 88...
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    I cant sleep at night

    I wish I could sleep :(. Nothing works at all. Not diaper, not sleep routine, nothing. I would LOVE it to be as easy as putting on diaper very happy and enjoy your lovely sleep:)
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    Rearz silencer pants

    Thank you! Is that the regular or low rise one? My thighs are 20-21” .... I have a baby pants small plastic pants which is 28-32” hips/waist and the legs have an inch or two gap on me. It’s hard finding the right fit.
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    Pull Ups

    Wait that review was parents choice ..... presdient choice are smaller than goodnights and don’t fit well. havent tried them in a while though
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    Pull Ups

    Yes, have a package upstairs. :) they are bigger than goodnights and absorb a TON, except still leak at leg gathers near bum on me (where all the pull ups leak) so I just wet laying on belly. Not as soft as goodnights, plain white, and high rise. They also sag really bad on me so do leak if...
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    Going To Church

    Love my united church .... Christian but the most liberal of any of them, basically everyone is welcome. Yes there are certain people who I don’t go near because they are critical and not very nice (only a couple of the older ladies though, 99% are wonderful and welcome).
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    Rearz silencer pants

    Does anyone have the rearz silencer pants in size small? I’m wondering what the difference in rise is compared from low rise to high rise. Not sure which one to get. :)
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    Parent's choice stage 7 diapers holy crap they're huge

    Canada doesn’t sell the size 7 :‘(
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    When using mouthwash to clean Pacifier?

    Doubt it, I use dawn
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    What sort of underwear do you wear when you're not wearing nappies

    panties Since I’m a girl but I hate thongs, etc. Briefs all the way and ONLY in cool patterns/colours, and my size is girls 14 I get decent patterns normally :) same with socks - my most boring “adult” pairs are stripes or small pattern only
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    How Many Unique Diapers have You Tried?

    pampers baby dry, overnights, cruisers, easy ups, maybe a few older huggies little movers, convertibles, nappy pants, pull ups, maybe a few older some generic size 6 diapers goodnights regular, sleep shorts, tru fit underjams Walmart sleep pants (forget what they are called) superstore sleep...
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    When using mouthwash to clean Pacifier?

    i just use dish soap and water .... once you rinse it off you can’t taste it
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    Do You Go To Bed Earlier When Feeling Little?

    I get too comfy in my diaper, Jammie’s, binky and bottle reading ABDL stories I tend to be bad and stay up later.
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    The Time I Almost Purposely Got Caught

    I’m getting more and more brave about what I wear with my goodnights, how wet I let them get - hello leaks, and bending over to show waist band. Because when you are super skinny, they show like crazy because i can’t find jeans that are actually tight enough to stay up.Pulled up completely...
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    Did anyone used to do this as a child?

    I always took a few whenever I babysat .. I didn’t charge very much so I figured it all worked out in the end. Loved the one almost 2 year old I babysat when they had Huggies convertibles (could use them as a pull up diaper but they still had tapes to use as a diaper too). They were so...