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    Rearz silencer pants

    Does anyone have the rearz silencer pants in size small? I’m wondering what the difference in rise is compared from low rise to high rise. Not sure which one to get. :)
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    Oops binge again

    Been bad last week and a bit ..... I have been wearing good nights/underjams/Walmart sleep pants all day/night every day. My mom really is oblivious and doesn’t notice at all. I started off only wearing during the day and still using the potty and wetting them before bed, now last 3 days I...
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    Footie sale

    Snug as a bug is having a huge jammie sale, including a bunch of footed Jammie’s on sale for $20 ...... I just ordered two more ;). Finally found a true adult xsmall that fits!! but Yes I’m 90 pounds, super tiny so I bet these do fit small. 🥰😍
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    Snug as a bug pjs

    How true are the sizing of snug as a bug footed Jammie’s? They have a super cute one on sale but not sure if xsmall is tiny enough. 25” waist, 32” hips, 5’ 1” and 89 pounds. They say it for 90-110 pounds and 5’ to 5’ 2”. I have bought xsmall adult onesies before (lazy one and walmart) but...
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    Good for so long, the darn diaper urges

    So a bit of back story. Chronic migraines had not responded to any treatments and thus caused me to not to be able to work and have to move back in with my mother. I loved being able to wear whenever I wanted having my own house and living alone. But I decided I wasn’t going to continue...
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    Cloth diapers

    I’ve been trolling the internet for ABDL stuff which I haven’t done for months and there are two new cloth diaper covers for youth that look awesome. Has anyone tried either of them? Applecheeks size 4 I can find this...
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    Falling apart

    Need some positivity today. I accidently killed all of my pet degus(related to chinchillas) by overheating their room and skipping checking on them last night. I am on day 4 of a super bad migraine and can't think straight so I was too tired and skipped a night, they had enough food. So now...
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    Rough Day

    What does everyone do on a very rough day? I am having a very painful day with my chronic migraines (lovely weather change) and it flared up the depression really bad for some reason. These are the days I wish I had someone to take care of me and cuddle me like a toddler. :(
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    So excited!

    I had a good day in Walmart shopping! Land before time ANNNNND land before time 2 were on sale for $5 . got a baba of juice, grapes, chips/salsa, toys and blankie and movie time!
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    Molicare super plus

    Are the purple molicare super pluses really discontinued? I finally got the nerve to try some actual adult diapers instead of using pampers and goodnights with diaper covers. I just finished a bag of small molicares and small abenda S4. The molicares fit perfectly and were great!! I found the...
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    mental health and abdl

    Just wondering how many people see a trend with their baby indulges and lower mental health. I have bad chronic migraines and notice a close correlation with wearing diapers and needed some baby time when my mood is poor or I'm painful (to a point, if my pain goes past that I don't want...
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    Ordering Goodnights from

    Question - If I order a case of goodnights from would they ship in the original box or ship in a Walmart box? I really don't want a case of goodnights sitting on my doorstep for me to get home from work ... but they are on $22 instead of $35. I hate buying a case of them from the...