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    For big sizes of tights, try Patricia
  2. Patricia48

    Found a cute dress

    OK, I must be late to the party, but why haven't I seen these before? At (sorry if out of US, no idea if this will work there) and search on "gocebaby". Beautiful dresses. I have this new fantasy of my gay friend getting married and having me as his "bridesmaid" in one like...
  3. Patricia48

    Anybody else know about FaceApp?

    This is a really neat app. Take a picture of yourself (face), then you can choose different outputs, there are two selections of boy to girl. Really phenomenal to me. Makes me think that maybe, with the right makeup, I could possibly pass in public as a female. Patricia
  4. Patricia48

    Found a cute dress

    Received it. It is cute, but looks better on the model than me! :-( Fit's fine though. Patricia
  5. Patricia48

    Found a cute dress

    Righto, but that does seem like about the size for US XXL...we'll find out, I ordered it. And the asian sizes are all way too small, we need to send more American fast food joints over there so they get bigger and then maybe their clothes would too. It's like there are soooooo many dresses here...
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    Found a cute dress

    Weird link, but it does seem to work: Picture attached. And it's available up to XXXL! Patricia
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    Let some discussion begin! (As suggested)

    And for XL tights, go to Patricia
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    Lolita Dresses

    For shoes, take a look at Patricia
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    hopeless and sad :(

    After wearing for 50+ years, I have trained my brain to only look at my body and the clothing, and "block out" my face/head. Honest.
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    Let some discussion begin! (As suggested)

    I have worn women's panties, bikini style for years for this express reason. I wear two pair at a time (for more holding power), one white, one with a cute print...which can be hard to find...I used to just search thru the packages at places like WalMart for a package (come in like 4/pack) for...
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    Mary Jane Shoes!

    OK, I don't know why I'm so slow in finding this place, but a good source for Mary Jane shoes in mens sizes(!) appears to be (under sissywear) Yeah, not cheap either, I'll grant you that. I know I've never found big enough sizes in my previous searches it seems. So I am just...
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    Frustrated Dress Shopping

    One vendor that sells cotton, washable dresses on eBay... go to eBay and search on "aunt d" WITH the quotes. You'll see some of her listings, if you choose one, then on the upper right is go to sellers store, "mariposa market" and you can see them all. As usual, they ain't cheap by any stretch...
  13. Patricia48 gone?

    Aha, don't know where i picked up that it was .net instead of .com Patty
  14. Patricia48 gone?

    Does anyone know what happened to this sissy story site? As of a few weeks ago or so, I can no longer login or get into the site. Thank you, Patty
  15. Patricia48

    Am I a sissy?

    I recommend you go to the home page and click on "articles", then ABDL, and then sissies versus baby girls. That might help some. Patricia
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    Leg-warmers out in the open

    I have a pair of cableknit leg warmers (ebay white cableknit leg wamers), I use a rubber band at the top and fold over the top over it to hide keep them up. Love them! Patricia
  17. Patricia48

    what constitues someone as a sissy

    Another good resource is the article within itself: go to forums/discussions/articles/abdl/ and find the one on "sissy's and little girls". Patty
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    Any dolls y'all have?

    Mine... So, what dolls (if that's your thing) do y'all have? It's interesting in that I never had any interest in dolls until a couple years ago when this forum got me thinking about them a bit more, and I thought, but I want a big one, more proportional to my size, as a doll is to a LG...
  19. Patricia48

    Bum Patting

    I have always loved this, the sound of the plastic pants is marvelous! I did a bit of research once to find out why it is soothing, they think it has to do with when the baby was in the womb, it sounds like a heartbeat. Patty
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    your girly name

    Patricia and Pam. Patricia, which has just always been a fav. And my doll is Pam. Had to be "P" names as my real name is also a P word. Sorry for the ugly old neck and mouth catching fly's, and the picture wasn't meant to look dreamy, just had a very bright sun outside the windows in back of...