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  1. Patricia48

    Anybody else know about FaceApp?

    This is a really neat app. Take a picture of yourself (face), then you can choose different outputs, there are two selections of boy to girl. Really phenomenal to me. Makes me think that maybe, with the right makeup, I could possibly pass in public as a female. Patricia
  2. Patricia48

    Found a cute dress

    Weird link, but it does seem to work: Picture attached. And it's available up to XXXL! Patricia
  3. Patricia48

    Mary Jane Shoes!

    OK, I don't know why I'm so slow in finding this place, but a good source for Mary Jane shoes in mens sizes(!) appears to be (under sissywear) Yeah, not cheap either, I'll grant you that. I know I've never found big enough sizes in my previous searches it seems. So I am just...
  4. Patricia48 gone?

    Does anyone know what happened to this sissy story site? As of a few weeks ago or so, I can no longer login or get into the site. Thank you, Patty
  5. Patricia48

    Who wants a Minnie Mouse dress? Start of article: Kohl's has successfully combined two of our favorite things: Minnie Mouse and Lauren Conrad. Conrad has developed a Minnie Mouse inspired line for Kohl's. Between...
  6. Patricia48

    Brain development link to puberty and ABDL?

    This post is aimed at those of us who have a link between sexual fulfillment and ABDL, I know there are a lot of you who don't have that connection. I found this in an article about why teens act as they do: And I found...
  7. Patricia48

    Source for these panties

    Along the lines of nothing ventured, nothing gained, I'm going to take a stab at asking our community if anyone knows where these panties might be procured? I'm guessing they may have actually been for a real baby, but if I could figure out the material, e.g., does the outside plastic also have...
  8. Patricia48

    For a change of pace, a bit of humor perhaps

    I think some of us in this group might appreciate this joke. ---- An engineering student was strolling across campus when a fellow engineer rode up on a shiny new motorcycle. "Where did you get that great bike?" asked the first student. "I was walking along, minding my own business," his friend...
  9. Patricia48

    Buyer beware-Diaper pins

    Beware of purchasing these diaper pins off of Amazon: "50 Pack Baby Child Infant Kids Cloth Diaper Nappy Pins Safety Safe Hold Clip Locking Cloth Size L" They are not large, like you think of diaper pins. They are relatively small and not strong at all. Will not hold adult cloth diapers imho...
  10. Patricia48

    Looking for a cartoon/comic image

    Not too long ago I had asked about a picture and someone came thru in spades to help me find the source, so I'm trying again. Due to a virtual volume failure, I lost an image I had that I would love to have again. I really think it is a Daphne one, but all my searches thru DeviantArt and the...
  11. Patricia48


    Does anybody know any more about this person or where they got this dress, it's gorgeous and I want one! :smile: I'll guess it might be from "LEANNE" on eBay as she makes some beautiful ones, but I can't find this one. I'm pretty sure I found the pic on Pinterest but it was just captured by that...
  12. Patricia48

    Looking for cable knit tights

    Good day! In reading these threads of late I have been newly attracted to dolls. Never really thought of them before as something I might like. Anyhow, wanted one that was more proportional to my adult size. Found there are lots, like 35" tall. So I bought one (search in eBay for "skye...
  13. Patricia48

    Family stickers on a car

    While out driving today saw a car with those family stick figure decals. Got to thinking, maybe I should just put one on my car, of just the baby sticker! Reminds me of back when they "Baby On Board" placards were all the rage, and I think someone had honestly made one up "Adult Baby On Board"...
  14. Patricia48

    How to keep from being thought as pedophiles

    So the UK has gotten the search giants to now warn you when you enter a search term considered "child porn" related. Search as I may, I can't actually find that list to see what kind of things are in there, and if things we might search on in the adult baby realm, might be in there. I am...
  15. Patricia48

    TG in the news

    Some of you may have seen this in the news today, very interesting as society grapples with the issue. Boy or girl? Gender a new challenge for schools Comments from the peanut gallery? Patty
  16. Patricia48

    Doll suggestions?

    Haven't' seen a thread along these lines... lately I've taken a hankerin' to getting a doll. But thinking it needs to be proportionally large to my adult size. Saw one in a magazine once that appeared to be big, but can't find that ad anymore. Saw this one in Amazon ( Collectible...
  17. Patricia48

    yet another intro. :-)

    G'day! Interesting, in all my surfing over the years, I've never found this site. Looks to be a very decent, supporting site. In reading some posts I tend to think I might be able to add to discussions based on my years of experience, been wearing stuff for about 50 years, unfortunately...