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  1. FudgedInLuvs

    Who is able to transition between bedwetting and being dry?

    Either that, or since he started a new prescription that's reported to have bedwetting as a side effect, could say that he has noticed that since taking it. "While I prefer keeping the sheets dry, with this new prescription, I'm finding myself having to use certain alternative undergarments as a...
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    Parent's choice stage 7 diapers holy crap they're huge

    Right? You'd think that a bag of 21 or 22 would be a smart option, much like the way in you can get something like 25 Goodnites in a bag, or that giant 75 count case.
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    what your little age

    Between 4 and 6 is a comfortable range, really enjoyed being a kid around then, it was right before a lot of bad things happened in life. Could even push so far as to 8 (2nd & 3rd grade) for being little, probably more 7
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    Who is able to transition between bedwetting and being dry?

    I can sort of transition, if you're on medication, hopefully it's only a temporary need and you can adjust back. That was my case with pneumonia last year and a long course of antibiotics. Every now and then I do have bedwetting issues, those happen during times of high stress, and often...
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    Plastic-backed Pull-ups?

    Can verify this, found this by accident and talk about a flashbulb memory of nostalgia. Favorite, and only mod I'll make to my Goodnites every now and then
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    Night vs. Day

    It varies a lot with me after last year, sometimes at night it will feel like I'm up every half an hour voiding the bladder versus the day. Then on some days, especially if it's on a workout day I feel like those old Luvs commercials with a balloon and pinhole leak, only scaled up, yet never...
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    Parent's choice stage 7 diapers holy crap they're huge

    As a skinny young adult, I find this very exciting news! I just wish I could buy them by the bag instead of a whole box, funds are tight wal-mart! If parent's choice size 7's are this large, I wonder if up and up from target might be about the same. Just to stir the pot, and maybe help our...
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    Which colors would you most like to see in diapers?

    Interesting. I hate boring underwear, and I have some fun colors and prints. I guess it depends mainly on the purpose of the diaper/pull-up; if it's an everyday workhorse, I guess I can see why people would navigate towards more neutral colors, white, gray, black, navy, pink, lavender and peach...
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    Size of the white ones, stripes, camo and space prints! At least for boys. Don't know many of the girls designs
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    I am not. I am paying penance and doing laundry after a fasted workout, with a dietary supplement ended up being more than a little gas...
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    Colours you love/hate on baby items

    any shade of blue and green, really. Favorite is aqua/teal, since it's a mix of the two, my convertups are aqua, and my one pacifier is pearly teal from rearz. Pastels are perfect, and I don't have anything against any shade of them, neons are pretty cool too, just haven't seen them in AB...
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    First mess in diaper

    Yikes! I agree, the runny stuff is terrible, when I had the flu, I would keep myself padded, and dreaded it if I had a #2.
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    how much does your diaper hold?

    Some days it feels like such an accurate description too! I have a family member I meet up with every now and again for a few beers/drinks, we keep our limit around 2-4 since we have to drive. He might get up once or twice, I feel like I get up about twice per beverage!
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    how much does your diaper hold?

    Been sick this week, and actually did this little experiment the night my Goodnites saved my sheets. Weighed a fresh diaper on a scale, and it came in around 2oz. Wet one weighed in at 2 pounds, 4oz. May not hold a candle to premium ABDL brands, but having a mustard seed for a bladder, they work...
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    Rearz Employee Here to Help! Jacob

    Sounds optimistic, thanks for getting back!
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    Rearz Employee Here to Help! Jacob

    Good morning Jacob! Have a question about product development. I'm certain that you're well aware that many in our community either currently use, or did use Goodnites during their lives, and the OG all white Goodnites of the 90's are still a grail to many, and high on the wishlist to make a...
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    New Rearz Diaper?!

    Wouldn't those just be the dream for many of us?
  18. FudgedInLuvs

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    It was a very soaked Goodnite. I'm getting sick, throat is incredibly sore, so diapers are going to be MANDATORY for a bit. Don't know about this afternoon, might break out my convert ups and go with some pampers size 6
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    What is everyone’s go-to choice for wipes?

    I swear I still have a box somewhere here at home. Light blue, and I used to use it to stash my crayons when I was little because it was perfect on road trips! Really wish someone would copy that box design (I see they made a teal one, and I love teal). In terms of scent, I'd really like to find...
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    Thanks for the heads up! Right now, I'm around a 29 (probably a little bloated after Superbowl yesterday) and with steady diet/exercise I'm typically in the 28 range