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    goodnites bed mats

    I was at walgreen up in nh and saw that thay hads somthing new goodnite bed mats thay are 2.7 feet by 2.9 feet 9 come in a bag for 8.99. Thay have a sticky thing on each corrner to keep the mat on the bed. I will get somw pics in a few day.
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    other usage for plastis pants

    I was thincking of putting on a pair over my underware then my jeans when I go snomobiling. My but gets wet becaus I have a hole in my seat that do you think and have you used them for any other use?
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    I am 27 where diapers every night just to pee if I have to while I am sleeping. I am from ma I would like to meet some one elese who where.