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  1. Ryan_d

    Scavanger hunt! please help!

    Hello everyone, I'm on a scavenger hunt that ends tomorrow. We still need: --Jawa Garden Gnome --Crayola Crayon that has a state name on it --Rhode island license plate! I need a picture of them, but they need to be time stamped. Would anyone be able to help... I'll try to contribute back...
  2. Ryan_d

    Anyone know anything about what happened?
  3. Ryan_d

    I need people who know about: sex, and Birth Control

    So..... No introductions I just need someone to tell me not to worry... 1st off my girlfriend is on birthcontrol for the first time ever..... 2 days before she was suppose to start taking the "inactive" week (So she can have her period). We had anal sex.... (Ya get all your ewws out now, but...
  4. Ryan_d

    Question about a diaper:

    So the back story; I went and bought 192 diapers off craigslist for $40 They were advertised as being TENA, but looking at them I dought it.... Here is the website that she had ordered them off of; Ideal Brands, High quality Incontinence products, comfortable and dependable to improve...
  5. Ryan_d

    shamwow diaper!

    has it been done before? I'm just sitting here thinking of what can be used as a soaker in a cloth diaper I'm making...... and it hit me! Any thoughts concerns? PS " All I can say is SHAM WOW!!!!!!!!!111!!!111one111"
  6. Ryan_d

    Requesting help

    This is about a music video: I remember a long time ago watching a video on youtube, and now I cant find this video.... I don't remember anything about the artist the lyrics... nothing All I know is that it was 100% animated, and it was a very slow beat. The video was set in what I describe...
  7. Ryan_d

    Diapers/ questions / pictures.... (Show off)

    [img=][img=] [img=][img=] So These are all the diapers I have.... I have some...
  8. Ryan_d

    ...All this time

    All this time and I don't have a intro... I had one on TBDL but I guess that dosent matter now.... So my name is "Ryan" And the info you see to the left is true. I am looking for other friends to meet up with... In the past I have met, Babygrizzy, And Hyro the artist. And I'm always looking...
  9. Ryan_d

    California Residents (Or anyone): Prop 8?

    California Proposition 8 (2008 - Ballotpedia) No On 8, Don't Eliminate Marriage For Anyone Protect Marriage - Yes on 8 » Home Page TL;DR In march the CA Senate passed a bill allowing same sex marriage. Now in prop 8 is trying to get passed, if prop 8 passes no more same sex marriage. If it...
  10. Ryan_d

    New rule?

    I think this would be a good rule since we want to be a SUPPORT community,it could be added onto the "Be polite rule" If you don't have any thing good to say, don't say anything at all. Whats everyone think? I'm just an anti negative kind of person..... So I guess that makes me a positive...
  11. Ryan_d

    Okay, so I bought some new diapers!

    So, thease are called, First Quality. I will wear one tonight. I bought them at The Medicine Shoppe® Pharmacy - Medicine Shoppe - Online Pharmacy & Drugstore, Prescriptions, Medicare Part D Information, Health Information They have actual storees you can go into and buy things from them. So I...
  12. Ryan_d

    Dignity Ultrashield plus

    Anyone know anything about these? someone is offering me 9 cases for $20, are thease any good and is it worth it, right now all I have is depends sooo ya.... Thanks!
  13. Ryan_d

    Nu-fit diapers

    I found somone on craiges list selling diapers. First off does anyone know what kind of diapers thease are? Is his/her deal worth it? and should I trust craiges list? Link to Craiges: Adult disposable briefs
  14. Ryan_d

    Age of Conan!

    WILL BE THE BEST MMO EVER! So info about it.... Comes out: May 20th Max level:80 Number of Races:3 Number of classes: 14 PvP: Yes PvE: Yes Monthly fee: Yes. So the things that really make this game amazing will be there new combat system. Which I cant even being to describe so here is a...
  15. Ryan_d

    Diapers online?

    I know there are probly tons of thease. But I think I have discovered a way to get diapers online. But that is not what this topic is on. What are the best ones? How much are they? How think are they? How easy are they to hide in pakage and when wearing? love to hear back from yall. Sorry...