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  1. Corri

    WHORP *clang*

    Oh hai! Has it been a while? I'm not sure. I'm The Mas... *clears throat* Corri. I'm an artist, babbyfur, caretaker, and; lets get this clear right off the bat, I am a big asshole. I haven't been active here in quite a while, so much so I've forgotten quite a bit about the place! I'm gonna...
  2. Corri

    Suggestion New ADISC Banner

    I'm leaving this here for Moo, as it is still needed since the 4.0 upgrade, since DTN left us. ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
  3. Corri

    Door to Door Sales

    Hey there, ya'll. Corri is off on another life adventure, this time I have found myself in California, and working as a door to door salesman. Those of you here, do you have any stories to share if you have done this kind of work? I'd like to hear some, maybe we can even swap tips 8P Right now...
  4. Corri

    America is NOT a Christian nation.

    First and foremost, I am not against theology. Please, do not raise a flag off offense, this is simply me clearing up a rampant myth that the US is a Christian nation, and with that I will do this on one line from the Treaty of Tripoli. Unanimously Ratified by senate, from article 11: Now...
  5. Corri

    Regarding My Belief System (Pagan Deism)

    Let me start off by saying, I am not religious. I am not here to change your beliefs, but I just may very well do that. Many of you know, that I reject all Abrahamic religions and thought systems (Christianity, Islam, Judaism), as well as Hinduism, and other book and faith based spiritualities...
  6. Corri

    'China Brands'

    How does everyone here feel about buying 'China brand' electronics? Like a camcorder from a chinese global manufacturer before the name brands are applied. What china brands have you bought?
  7. Corri

    Potty Training

    Yes my fellow young'ins..... that age old question... whend did you getpotty trained? Not really. This thread is something different. Lately my boyfriend who is also a babyfur has been intent on 'potty training' me. This consists of him buying me Goodnights, underjams, or pull on diapers...
  8. Corri

    New Board... Anonymous?

    !*!*!*!*This is not for a *chan type board*!*!*!*!*! I got to thinking, if it would be right for us to have a board where no member names show up, and that people can post "freely" for really... controversial life questions and the like. Say... Asker has a question like: "I see a friend in...
  9. Corri

    Life-timing, full-timing, etc

    I am at a point in my life where I can comfortably live as an AB most of the time (work and public is a NO NO). While this is usually frowned upon do to the negative aura it casts on us because of characters like "Hiedi" god rest his soul for having the cajones to do that. Who is anyone to judge...
  10. Corri

    The Quality of Life

    When any medical professional gets to be licensed they are required toto be there for everyone and anyone and never do damage to the person unless it is needed to increase the quality of life... or extend it. [Please note this is not the place to discuss human euthanasia] Quality of life is...
  11. Corri

    A tiny project (Involves A.L.I.C.E and IT support)

    While tinkering around with a box I was building from my scrap parts (case, old mobo, 256mb RAM, 20gig hdd... literally just scrap) Remembering how when I had these parts and they were new, high end, and expensive... how little I knew about computer systems and how badly I wanted a free service...
  12. Corri

    Tyra Banks...

    Right, so I am sure you have all heard some chick and her boyfriend (Chewfox and, tomcat [how original] )got on the Tyra banks show to do a segment on fetishes. Apparently these two's fetish is Fursuits; Tyra just called them Furries; quote "People who like to have sex in animal costumes"...
  13. Corri

    A much needed return.

    I miss this place.... Did it miss me?
  14. Corri

    How to Improve

    ADISC, we have all seen what has happened to us; and most of us are in agreement... the site has gone down hill... I do have to agree on that one. ADISC/TBDL has seen better times; much better times. Not that we aren't the best *BDL-incontinence site out there; we are.. but we are getting to not...
  15. Corri

    Godamnit Raggeee!

    Diaper Rant ahead: Why is it I cant find a single diaper that actually FITS me? I have found that mediums are to big around the waist and I leak like a siv, when I intentionally wet. So, not even ten minutes ago, my Bambino smalls arrived at my door, 24 pack (With a free boosters; return...
  16. Corri

    Art Backend.

    I do believe its high time we had a back-end site... or section related to ADISC for diaper/babyfur art. One that would follow our same beliefs of humility, and community over "Holy shit diaper.... fap fap fap fap" With the only other "good diaper art community" (FTT) quickly, decaying; and with...
  17. Corri

    Spring Logo

    As par my usual seasonal logo making; here is the ADISC logo for spring. Enjoy. ( I likely should rework the text a bit, its a tad hard to see; up to you guys. ) As for dark theme users, would you like me to start making one for the dark theme too?
  18. Corri

    My Art :v

    I'll post more later when I feel like it :v
  19. Corri


    I don't know who this is also true for, but... it is more of an adult baby topic then anything. That topic is the importance of these activities in your life. I have noticed that it is becoming increasingly important that I get a little bit of "Little Corri" time. It doesn't have many ill...
  20. Corri

    Infamous HeidiLynn of Phenoix, dead.

    HeidiLynn aka William Windsor was found dead January 30th, Heidi was infamously open about his 24/7 AB life style.