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  1. Addy

    Strong Childhood Memories - Things That Spoke To Your Baby/DL Side While Growing Up

    As for a longing. I can honestly say after that season in life passed it wasn't until my preteen years that the fascination really kicked in. I can recall my grandmother coming to live with us. She was diapered all of the time so we kept plenty in the house. I think having access to them really...
  2. Addy

    Strong Childhood Memories - Things That Spoke To Your Baby/DL Side While Growing Up

    One of my earliest childhood memories, I believe I was 4, involved distant cousins. They were babingsitting me at the time and had a baby in the house. On a dare, I put on a diaper and wet it. If I had to point toward one thing that led me back to diapers this would be it. Ultimately, my mom...
  3. Addy

    What kind of pet or pets do you have

    Oh goodness: 1 lizard, 2 ferrets, 3 cats, 4 birds. Had a snake as well but it passed recently.
  4. Addy

    Chastity recommendations for diapers

    So, in general I would recommend a micro-chastity device (MCD). Interestingly, the shorter the tube the more comfortable it will be. That said, I currently use the Holy Trainer Nano which works rather well. Honestly though any of the MCDs out there are worth looking into. I have heard that the...
  5. Addy

    Boyish Littles?

    Well, how to put it. I am male first and for most and I identify as such socially and professionally. Little space, for me, is a lot more gender-fluid, and when discussing it I identify as such. As for the topic at hand I've never really thought much about it. I suppose, in my head, that I...
  6. Addy


    Welcome aboard, I did a mountain biking trip through the inland passage of Alaska one summer, had tons of fun. Enjoy your stay here and have fun!
  7. Addy

    Getting fit.

    I used to nearly every day because of sports growing up and then the military. I stopped a few years ago because my work schedule got super crazy. I made the choice yesterday to get back at it.
  8. Addy

    Do You Have A Local Ageplay Community?

    Spokane area is a bit weird. We have a couple of good general kink munches and we used to have a fun littles group that would get together for pizza and color but we don't seem to have a large ABDL community here. That said I honestly haven't looked in a few years. With ABU a few hours away I...
  9. Addy

    What’s wearing 24/7 like?

    I've been (Mostly) 24/7 going on 7 years now. I say mostly because there are certain times that I don't wear, more on that later. I'm more than happy to answer any specific questions. If anything I think wearing 24/7 initially is more about learning. What works for me isn't going to necessarily...
  10. Addy

    Are diapers still a big deal to you?

    Buying: Honestly, I used to have a really big fear of people judging me or even the fear of running into someone I might know when I was buying diapers from the store. If I'm out of town and need some diapers for whatever reason (Airport lost my luggage with the bulk of my diapers) then I don't...
  11. Addy

    How did you get over your guilt and shame?

    So to start I think it is worth defining guilt and shame, the dictionary often blends the two meaning. Even in psychology we often try to over-define both. It wasn't until I got into volunteering my time with recovering veterans that I heard it boiled down to a definition I rather like. -Guilt...
  12. Addy

    Lolita Dresses

    Bodyline is probably the most common. I know a few gals that make stuff and sell on etsy or ebay. If you are good with a needle or sewing machine there is also they have a ton of super cute repurposing ideas and some patterns.
  13. Addy

    When was the first time you got caught wearing a diaper?

    The first time I was caught, I was 4 or 5 years old. I was being babysat by my aunt I believe, either way, some of my cousins were over. Playing a bit of truth or dare one my cousins dared me to put a diaper on, so I did. A few minutes after putting it on my Mom came home and I ran over to hug...
  14. Addy

    Cloth diapers or disposable diapers?

    I use both. When I am home I primarily use cloth for the absorbancy. I have a handful of contour cloth and a few covers. The cost initislly is much more however the long term cost is much better. So long as you take care of them. Most cloth providers will send care instructions or at least...
  15. Addy

    What's your occupation? :3

    I recently changed from small acreage farming to operating grain silos. Which right now is a seasonal gig with a very good chance for full time. Our harvest season starts on the 5th of this month so really long days and tons of overtime for 1 to 2 months. Love it thus far. I am also working...
  16. Addy

    Nair is amazing!

    I personally don't use nair, veet, etc. I know the chemical smell is better now days but I can't stand the smell. Smell aside the two active chemicals used are lime and lye. I dont mind the lime so much, I use it in other skin care stuff as for thanks. It is super corrosive, generally...
  17. Addy

    What's your occupation? :3

    I'm an Agricultural Engineer by title, a farmer by trade. I am working towards beekeeping, but that isn't going to happen until next year. My side job is photography but I am building more of a reputation so I am hoping to be doing photography primarily and the beekeeping/meadery as the...
  18. Addy

    Anyone play on ps4 or 3ds?

    I don't recall what my gamertag is but I play: Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Witcher 3, and ESO. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  19. Addy

    Your self when you are dreaming

    I am all over the place when it comes to dreams. Boy, girl, old, young. I can't remember most of my dreams in vivid details but I can generally remember plot points and abnormalities. Unless it is a particularly lucid dream in which case I can recall them quite well. Which is what I use for...
  20. Addy

    Belief in the "Easter Bunny"?

    Spirituality and religion aside. The Easter Bunny first appears in German writing in the 16th century, best I can tell. In it's historical origin the easter bunny was basically like santa. Where it brings treats to the good girls and boys. As a little I love getting into the festivities of the...