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    Sound of your diaper Crinkling

    after 5 years of 24/7 I no longer think about the crinkle sound
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    18 - Had a huge accident at work

    Sorry you had to to through that, with incontinence you all ways need to have multiple spare diapers with you at all times incase its a bad day or you have a defective diaper that you are to change into. Some times you can wiggle the diaper down and then carefully pull it back up but it never...
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    Had a another accident

    always try to keep 30 days supply on hand of the diaper you trust to manage your IC issue incase supplier supply drys up for a while unfortunately diapers are the one thing we can not run out of :) I made the mistake for running out of my betterdry diaper last year on vacation and had to buy...
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    18 - Incontinence getting worse starting university soon

    Unfortunately incontinence does cause you to change what you wear cloths wise to hide a thicker premium diaper after 5 years of being back in diapers for an OAB I have learned the hard way a thicker premium diaper is the way to go. There is nothing stopping you from doing anything you would...
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    18 year old - trying to stay discreet

    A onesie is a must it helps keep the diaper in place but more importantly it prevents your diaper being seen when your bend or stretch, also wearing pants one size up helps to hide the bulk of your diaper. I wear a betterdry or Rearzs new Hybrid diaper and no one can tell Im diapered its been 5...
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    Overcoming embarrassment

    There’s nothing to be ashamed off when you need diapers for a Medical Issue, there are millions of us that have no choice but to wear. It is hard at first to get past the embarrassment and shame of needing to wear a diaper as an adult but once you accept the need and with the support and...
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    If I get stay in the hospital and I refuse to be catheterized what are the other options can I refuse it

    Just remember to take your own diapers to the hospital to use the ones they provide at least here at our local hospital are a joke as they are so thin. Most hospitals will let you stay in a diaper but your Doctor has the final call when it comes to surgery time when I went in for surgery a few...
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    Advise on sagging at night

    A onesie really helps to keep your diaper inplace but I use hockey tape a couple of times around my diaper to help keep it snug even when I am just wearing a diaper I keep slight tention on the tape as I tape up so far it has worked great. I does make it a bit harder to remove the diaper but...
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    Getting what you wish for

    A diaper bag is a constant travel companion when you deal with IC issues or diaper dependancy its easy to forget when you have multiple good days back to back and you do not need to change until you get home.
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    Wearing/Using in public?

    I wear 24/7 (OAB issue) and I carry a Skip-Hop camo sling bag when out and about at a mall but always have a bag in the car as a just incase
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    How can I "GO" while standing in front of people discreetly/easily

    If you are wearing a diaper you can trust it makes it easier but it takes time especially if you are not incontinent, when it happens dont react just carry on what you were doing before you started to pee. Its been 5 years for me and my body releases anytime any where but its still an...
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    Smuggling Diapers In University/College?

    Why not just have them shipped and hold at Fedex for pickup
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    Stress Bedwetting

    Unfortunately some times you have to explain medical issues when you travel with some one, but incontinence issues in adults is more common then you think and most adults will understand if they notice your are diapered at night. Acceptance and needing diapers makes it easier to deal with but...
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    Progression to bowel incontinence?

    Keeping your doctor updated on your bladder and bowel issues is allways a good idea as Italuv has said Incontinence issues are caused by an underlying medical issue, A lot of times an exact diagnosis is not possible as I really think its a guessing game if they can not find a definitive problem...
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    Has anyone ever tracked how many diapers they have bought?

    Its been 5 years and I am guessing at least 6000 or so diapers incontinence is not a cheap issue to deal with
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    Wearing just a diaper.

    at home 90% of the time I am in just a diaper
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    Need advise on changing in public in a pull-up style diaper

    Taped diapers are easy to change and offer way more protection then pullups, pullups force you to take shoes and pants off to change where as a tapped diaper can be changed with out removing your pants. it does not take long to get use to using taped diapers
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    Started to wet in my sleep

    Bedwetting (Nocturnal) is not something you can try to see if you like, once you start as an adult its almost impossible to reverse it and become dry at night again. Day time is easier since you are conscious and can try to hold it but at night not so much :) Having to wear a diaper gets old...
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    Progression to bowel incontinence?

    I to have been experiencing unexpected bowel movements in an increasing frequency so you are not alone in this fact, both my DR and urologist did not seem surprised or concerned this was starting to happen which makes me think its more common then we think for dual IC issues to happen over time...
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    Help Please! Diaper Advice Needed

    There are some great tutorials on you tube that show you how to put in a taped diaper correctly, but over a short period of time you will get the hang of it and it will become second nature. I would recommend getting diapers you can trust like Megamax from northshore or Betterdry they may be...