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  1. Nicky


    Sweeeeeet. I'll be looking forward to this MissMonster. Perhaps you can talk about how the kink is not very black/white, and how everyone explores it from all different angles and there isn't really a 'right or wrong' way of doing this. (Though this could really be applied to any kink/fetish).
  2. Nicky

    Peeing in the Shower

    Every time =D
  3. Nicky

    Are most male AB/DL's gay?

    i'm straight. there should be a poll
  4. Nicky

    Greatest guitar solos

    I'm such a sucker for Stairway to Heaven. Actually..anything by Jimmy Page really = /
  5. Nicky

    Favorite Beer?

    Mine changes all the time. With that said, I've been drinking a lot of... Magic Hat: Circus Boy Sam Adams Summer Ale and... Shipyard IPA Now I'm thirsty :P
  6. Nicky

    i'm really really curious, but this is awkward.

    Yes, (some) girls masturbate, just like (some) guys masturbate.
  7. Nicky

    Safe Method for Heavy Wetting

    Drinking large quantities of anything will make you have to go. :confused: But any diuretic would work best, (like you mentioned, highly caffeinated drinks)
  8. Nicky

    Favourite Album Title

    Highway 61 Revisited
  9. Nicky

    People you've told

    I told a friend/co-worker, and an ex-girlfriend, (though girlfriend at the time). The friend was totally cool with it, the girlfriend was a a little freaked out, but came around after a few weeks and many many questions.
  10. Nicky

    My Mom is cool

    That's pretty cool I guess. Though the idea of my parents "knowing" about any of this really freaks me out. I'll pass
  11. Nicky

    4th of July Weekend

    I'm heading to my parent's house. Going to the parade downtown in the morning, going to a cook out during the day, and back downtown at night for the fireworks........and I have Monday off. :) I'm VERY excited for this weekend.
  12. Nicky

    wtf "offensive shirt"

    Eh...I realize you're 18, but you still live under her house. I've always gone by "Their house, their rules". Plus, I realize the shirt is supposed to be funny, but I found it pretty tasteless to be honest.
  13. Nicky

    I'm Matt part 2

    I'm NOT trying to be rude, but.... is English your first language? (I can say this, I'm a TERRIBLE speller).
  14. Nicky

    Toy Story 3

    I saw it yesterday. 9/10, VERY good, and I got a little teary eyed at the end, haha.
  15. Nicky


    I'm not to sure what you're getting at here???? Whenever I have had sex, my partner and I were both using contraceptives. Therefore, this issue never arose.
  16. Nicky


    I'm totally against it. I consider myself a fairly liberal person, but I do draw the line there. I know 'accidents' happen, but in my opinion, that is what adoption is for.
  17. Nicky

    Is it cheating?

    I voted YES. I'm really not into the whole poly thing, and I know if I had a girlfriend that had a "Daddy", I certainly wouldn't approve.
  18. Nicky

    Diaper & Lifestyle Survey

    alll done.
  19. Nicky

    Hiya :3

    Hey Zurui, thanks for joining =D
  20. Nicky

    Quick one...

    Foreign concept? I feel like we've already gone over this 100 times = /