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  1. AEther

    My mother passed on

    Sorry for your loss, Star. I hope you can deal with it and everything will be fine. May your mother rest in peace.
  2. AEther

    Uh...bluh? o.O

    Hi there, i think you're same like me, I also suck for starting conversations, but more i know is don't worry, we're here is a group for helping each other. So don't hesitate to talk whatever you want to say because we gonna help you as long as we can, and if you don't have problems and just...
  3. AEther

    Hello there! :3

    Welcome there from italy ThrasherZolf. I'm from Asia, nice to see you join here.
  4. AEther


    Hello there and welcome to ADISC babyjerry, So for more familiar what's you hobbies and interest, for me my hobbies was writing and sometimes cooking. Nice to meet you here!
  5. AEther

    Just joined

    Hello there Babyrikki, welcome to the group. Sorry for me cannot answer you question maybe other member can answer, so for more familiar, what's your hobbies and interest? Nice to meet you here babyrikki!
  6. AEther

    New lady

    Hello there and welcome, so about movies, what type of movies do you like?
  7. AEther

    What sports do you play? If any.

    Soccer maybe, I've attending some of tournaments. Else was football and basketball.
  8. AEther

    Nice to meet everyone

    Hello there and welcome, So what's your interest or hobbies? For me I was interested with nature activities and geocacher, my hobbies was writing and reading. Nice to meet you, I hope you can enjoy. AEther*
  9. AEther

    Hello all!

    Hello there and welcome, Architecture is good thing, well I've just finished my bachelor's degree in Civil engineering and now I was in Biotechnical engineering master degree progress, yeah I also work as professor assistant. So for more familiar and more know you, where are you from? And what's...
  10. AEther

    Oh, hey there. Yeah I'm fine now, little bit busy with my college works. AEther*

    Oh, hey there. Yeah I'm fine now, little bit busy with my college works. AEther*
  11. AEther

    Why are people cruel

    Keep in mind that everything happened, there are always criticism people in the world, can be positive or negative criticism like insult or hatred. Each people had their own views on something and sticking to it, so when someting is not in accordance with their views or opinion, their began to...
  12. AEther

    What's your sexual orientation

    I think of that research conducted in 2004, it had been so long, more long time the situation will be changed. About rarely, yeah we here are one of rarely people around the world meet here. so I guess it was not too rare for me, even though not all here was asexual.
  13. AEther


    Hello, I see your profile about horror movies What horror movies that you ever watch?
  14. AEther


    Hello there and welcome, So for more familiar, what's your hobbies or interest?, my hobbies was reading, writing, and sometimes cook. I was interested with nature activities and geocacher. Nice to meet you. AEther*
  15. AEther

    What if ill go see Dr

    Personally I don't understand what do you asking about. Can you tell us clearly what do you mean?
  16. AEther

    Are You Time AB

    Do you mean about what do you do when you're not in little side? Well, I'm doing so much things of works like geocacher, lecture assistant, engineer and also student at university, sometimes I spend my little time at my little side when I'm doing nothing. My thought was same like Trevor says.
  17. AEther

    A recommendation from my therapist, among other things.

    The therapist seems to already know your real life and everything related to it, to note here is make sure that she was talking seriously without any facts of jokes.
  18. AEther

    North Carolina Baby Here

    Hello there and welcome, So what's your hobbies or interest?, I see your profile about metaphysics, do you like philosophy of life, spiritual or something related? Nice to meet you! AEther*
  19. AEther

    Update Situation.

    I don't much know about your problems but i just wanted to say hopefully your school will be fine next days. AEther*
  20. AEther

    My parents wanted divorce.

    Thank you for all your comments, you all are very good people. Perhaps I just frustrated about what they have done, but sure even feels hard but I really want to forgive them both, they really meaningful for me and my life. AEther*