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  1. PampersboyLondon

    Changing On the Go

    I’m spending a lot of time in the USA at the moment and noticed in a lot of public bathrooms they have gaps between the door and the frame of the stalls which means people can see into the privacy of the toilet stall, how do you change a diaper privately if someone can see you. Another thing...
  2. PampersboyLondon

    Ice Hockey

    Any hockey fans of NHL Hockey? I’m a Washington Capitals fan myself 😁 use to play hockey at university 🏒
  3. PampersboyLondon

    Bizzare Habbits Involving Diapers

    So i’m going to make a confession I have this really weird habit of getting a fresh pampers baby dry and putting it on (they don’t fit but I stretch them to the extreme to stick on) and then pee a full bladder into them let it absorb in then I will put my face in the nappy and enjoy it’s warmth...
  4. PampersboyLondon


    So I currently work a job that requires me to be away from home a lot and in many international destinations. I been doing it for nearly 4 years. I really love the job role but starting to hate everything that goes with it and the company policies are just a nightmare and we get treated like...
  5. PampersboyLondon

    Feeling Insecure 😕

    I don’t know why but for some reason recently I’ve been feeling really insecure without a nappy on. I feel like my body constantly wants to make me wet myself to feel better it’s really very odd and a recent thing. I just been away with work and ended up making a makeshift towel nappy in my...
  6. PampersboyLondon


    anybody heard of them they popped up on tumblr tonight and wondering if anybody had any info on them....???? seem to have good intentions and would be amazing to have adult sized little clothing... Looks like a really little focused company and UK...
  7. PampersboyLondon

    New Drynites are being advertised

    Just saw an advert on channel 4 in the UK for the new style drynites :D cannot wait for them to be in the shops WOOO!!! :biggrin:
  8. PampersboyLondon

    Tena XS & S Sizes

    Anybody else tried the XS or S sized Tena? They are such awesome sized nappies, they fit like baby nappies and absorb like adult sized I love how cute the sizing is and love the fact I fit them :D Any Teens who like drynites but hate the absorbency limitation Small sized Tena pullups are a...
  9. PampersboyLondon

    Saw This an it made me laugh

    It's from David Lloyd Gyms but I was like I'm a DL Kid haha :laugh: so though i'd share it with my lovely adiscers
  10. PampersboyLondon

    Asda Little Angles Size 6+

    I just wanted to say how impressive these are they soak up loads, swell like a classic old school nappy and they are almost design specificly for big kids because the front pattern is so bland... its like the only reason they have is to justify it being a baby nappy. I wish they had put longer...
  11. PampersboyLondon

    Molicare Premium Soft Extra

    These are my new favourite nappies, soft, breathable, comfortable and leak free so far! they are cloth backed and take a decent amount of pee and can handle poo really well. I recommend these to anybody in a hot climate or as a summer nappy I can't believe how good they are last time I tried a...
  12. PampersboyLondon

    Not Sure if this exists

    I'm looking for an incontinent or bedwetting dating site in the UK I really want to date a bed wetter or incontinent girl I find it really sexy and incredible awesome. I dream about it all the time just wondered if a site like this is out there..... let me know if you do below Ben
  13. PampersboyLondon

    Tesco Clearance

    Tesco are selling off Drynites all Sizes and Gender £3 a pack in there Clearance I think they are getting rid of the old design for the new one which means stock up NOW!!
  14. PampersboyLondon


    Right so last night I was talking to my mum about putting my washing away and told her there was certain draws off limits and she knows about me being abdl so not even an issue so what does she do today she came into my room i tell her which draws she isn't allowed in and then what does she do...
  15. PampersboyLondon

    Not So New but Not Introduced Myself Yet

    Hi Name is Ben but most people in the community know me as BenBen, Bennyboo or Ickleboo. I'm a DLD (diaper loving daddy) I live in london and study as a student at university level I been into diapers/nappies since about 5/6yrs old and am now a very active wearer and have close friends...