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  1. ThatHiddenDL


    Sooo I wear Goodnites at home as just a pleasure diaper (pull up or whatever) and normally I'll just sit in bed and surf the net. Well, I fell asleep and didn't change into a more adequate diaper. Needless as it is to say, waking up this morning at 5 am to wet sheets is not fun! Just a little...
  2. ThatHiddenDL

    It's bad tonight.

    So, it's really bad tonight. I get like this from time to time but tonight it's really bad. No matter how much I drink tonight it's not getting better. I find myself listening to music that people say should help, but nothing can really help me. I just don't know what to do anymore. I feel love...
  3. ThatHiddenDL

    Getting like this again.

    So . . . I have severe depression (as the dr calls it) and I find myself having good periods and bad ones, which is to be expected, I guess. Right now I' in a good place, but, at the same time I keep telling myself that I want to hurt. I have no idea why I do this to myself, The last thing that...
  4. ThatHiddenDL

    Nov 20th Democratic Debate (US)

    Sooooo who else watched the Democratic debate tonight? I feel like Buttigieg came out pretty strong compared to what analysts thought would happen. Harris also was pretty strong. Gabbard got destroyed lol (though I do like some of what she has to say). Biden and especially Warren (whom got cut...
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    So, I'm posting on here because I really don't feel like I have anyone to really talk to about this. I don't know how to explain it, but, I've always felt like I live in a world that I see in a totally different way than everyone else around me. I don't mean in the "teenage life is unfair"...
  6. ThatHiddenDL

    YouTuber I don't know how many have seen this guy, but, he's really down to earth and it's pretty refreshing. Hope you enjoy!
  7. ThatHiddenDL

    Converting a Non ABDL

    After my last post I wanted to share a little story of how I converted my non ABDL friend into a DL lol. So, drinking games are fun! The best drinking games involve our inner, darkest, secrets! One night, I was playing a very particular drinking game that I like to play called . . . guess my...
  8. ThatHiddenDL

    Non ABDL Friendship

    I was replying to a post earlier and it occurred to me that I have a really odd friendship with some of my online friends. Queue the backstory! So, I'm a gamer, nothing new nowadays, and, long story short, a while back I introduced a long time friend into diapers as part of a drinking game...
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    Language Speakers \o/

    I'm somewhat of a linguist. Other than English I speak Japanese pretty fluently and am a passive speaker of Spanish. ehhem: French, German, Swedish, Mandarin, Classical Chinese, Korean, Koine Greek, Turkish, Hindi, Hebrew, Tagalog, Tibetan, Sanskrit, Italian, I'm just looking at my bookshelf at...
  10. ThatHiddenDL

    Well this is a different response from K&C

    I was checking out customer feedback on Goodnites with the recent changes, which were not that great (no surprise), and I came across a different response to the "need bigger sizes" feedback: We appreciate and understand your interest in larger sizes for GoodNites NightTime Underwear. Please be...
  11. ThatHiddenDL

    Open Mic

    I'm really not sure why I'm in this mood--but yeah. I'm offering an unobjective ear for anyone that wants it. Say what's on your mind. . .
  12. ThatHiddenDL

    The face of ABDL/Diapers

    I want to first say that this is not a jab or any sort of sexism--it's just an observation. Have you noticed that if you search ABDL you most often find videos or pictures of women of the ABDL community? I find this funny because on ABDL sites you find almost exclusively men. A lot of my ABDL...
  13. ThatHiddenDL

    I just tried my first SDK

    So I just tried my first Super Dry Kid and. I’m actually quit impressed with them! Normally I hate poly backed diapers because I’m super hot natured, but these aren’t too bad. They are comfortable and the two tape design is nice! Kinda wish they made ABU simple with just two tapes to be honest...
  14. ThatHiddenDL

    A cause of ABDL (question mark)

    So I was posting a reply to a thread and I had a thought about why I am ABDL... Backstory (without going into excruciating detail): My father died when I was 6 years old I believe (this ‘I believe is an important factor’), I have a tape from a answering machine that I have never listened to...
  15. ThatHiddenDL

    Excess material?

    Here’s a fun topic. How do you guys deal with the excess material on disposable diapers? I’ve tried a lot of things but lately I’ve just been making a crease and folding down the top front and leaving the back alone. Personally, I’m very hot natured so the excess material bugs me during the hot...
  16. ThatHiddenDL

    Guild Wars ABDLs?

    Anyone playing the newest broken living story? :D
  17. ThatHiddenDL

    Goodnites: Will K&C every take the hint?

    If you take a look at Goodnites’ and Depend’s reviews you’ll see a pretty significant number of people, mostly parents or caregivers, asking for bigger sized Goodnites or something to fit bigger kids and young adults. People have been asking literally for years and still K&C won’t budge. Granted...
  18. ThatHiddenDL


    Well, hello! So, this is my first post and I don’t really know where to begin haha. I’ve been stalking the forum for quite a while and am only recently becoming more involved in the ABDL community. So, a little about me? I’ve been a DL literally for as long as I can remember. When I was 16 I...