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    Jeans for adult nappy wearers?

    Levi 510s - slightly slim fitting, but I’m not embarrassed to show a nappy bulge - nobody has ever noticed or commented.
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    How Many Unique Diapers have You Tried?

    I’m in UK/Ireland, off the top of my head: 1 Drynites 2 Underjams 3 Asda bedwetting pullups 4 Pampers Baby Dry 5 Aldi Sana Pullups 6 Boots Staydry Nappies 7 Boots Staydry pullups 8 Tena Slips 9 Tena Pants 10 Molicare Slip 11 Molicare Pullups 12 ID Slip 13 Euron Form 14 Rearz Safari 15 Betterdry...
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    Why is Ireland such an ABDL Desert?

    I moved to Dublin 6 months ago and I’m incredibly underwhelmed at how sparse the ABDL scene is - I cant seem to find any AB friends, it seems to be far more low key than in the UK. Finding good quality plastic backed nappies is also a challenge - Luckily I return to the UK by car/ferry every...
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    Does anyone feel they can't pursue a certain career because of ABDL?

    I wanted to be a professional ballet dancer, but as I’m diaper dependant for IC issues, I’d never be able to wear a leotard/tights without it being very very obvious that I’m wearing a nappy!
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    New idea.. Least Favorite ABDL diaper?

    They don’t swell enough for me!
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    New idea.. Least Favorite ABDL diaper?

    Nappies R Us Little rascals - really really dislike the design and the way they swell, too much pulp!
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    I was wearing a Rears Safari but ended up filling it with poop unexpectedly :( Now in a plastic Abena L4 until I go to bed
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    Changing On the Go

    Costco in the UK has the american style cubicles, hate changing in them!
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    Tykables Dubblers - SAP Explosions

    Hi, I’ve started using Tykables Dubblers in my nappies and I’m hugely dissapointed how susceptible they are to bursting sap everywhere when they’re used - the whole point is that they take a good soaking before going through to the main nappy :( really dissapointed as no other boosters do this...
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    UK Drynites alternatives?

    They’re completely inferior to Drynites in my opinion - cheap and leaky!
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    ABDL Cornwall, UK

    I spend 4 nights a week living in a hotel in Camborne - what a dump!!
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    Best ABDL nappies/diapers?

    Definitely indulge in some Tena Slip Active Fits - Ultima are awesome for nighttime and Maxi’s are great for daytime. Very medical, but will never ever let you down!
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    3 hour dentist appointment

    I’m having some major dental work tomorrow, so much so that its taking 3 hours under local anaesthetic - this is bad enough, but also have the misfortune of being heavily incontinent. I’m concerned about my nappy situation, particularly as I’m likely to use it excessively if I experience any...
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    Finding Bambino Magnifico’s in the UK!

    I’m absolutely desperate to try and find some Bambino Magnificos in the UK - NRU haven’t had any in Stock for months and even a search on Google is proving fruitless. Any pointers?
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    Drylife Slip XPlus

    They lasted really well - I probably could have squeezed another couple of hours out of them, They’re crinkly if you wear them with something loose over the top; I generally wear leggings or a snappy onesie over the top to support them which also suppresses the crinkle.
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    Drylife Slip XPlus

    I wore one on a 3 hour train trip today and they are literally identical to the old ones apart from a minor difference on the tapes and a slightly higher SAP content. My front bulge was considerably more jelly-like than when I used to regularly wear the old ones!
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    Little/Regression Age Range?

    Generally I like to go back to the 8-13 period, where I was actually wearing 24/7 and having the time of my life although it was driven by medical issues. It’s that feeling of feeling “special” and “different” and having somebody be protective yet firm on me for having to wear nappies past a...
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    Night prep

    My brother and I were bedwetters during our childhood and teens, I’d come home from school to find my night nappy, booster and PJs laid out our my bed by ouf mum. I wore leggings and a tshirt instead of PJs to help support the nappy and make it easier for my mum to see if I had an accident when...
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    Nappy disposals in Hotel

    Sainsburys sell blue coloured adult nappy bags next to their incontinence products!
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    Drylife Slip XPlus

    I’m the same size as you as I wear size large - they’re awesome nappies and adore wearing them!