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    Omg I need this!!

    Look look at this I need one my baby side would love this
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    Cube movies

    Has anyone seen them? I love all 3 of them
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    Legalize marijuana?

    Yes I want to know everyone’s thoughts on this! Why do you think it should or should not be legal everywhere? My thoughts it should be legal helps cancer pain can help with depression and if you can’t eat helps with that as well. I am really curious on people answers on this
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    At work

    Yesterday at work I was pulling trash I’m a janitor. And when I was pulling this woman trash she is my friend. She said there is my little boy my baby side melted with happiness! So my question to all the members is did anyone say anything babyish to you at work?
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    So excited

    I'm just so happy! My life is great I have been in my new apt with my roommate since April! And I'm single but that okay I know my future wife mommy is out there somewhere!! And when I find here it's gonna be beautiful. I will make her breakfast in bed flowers and loving cards can't wait!!!
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    Well I'm going to a event that I'm found on fetlife! Next month and has anyone ever been to a event? This will be my first time I'm kinda nervous
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    Abu cancel items

    I need to contact abu to cancel my items before then ship this week to get my cash back. How do I do this? Can I find the owner of abu on here?
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    Something on my mind

    Sorry this is a long rant you have been warned! Well my ex contacted last year via Facebook and we started talking. She said that she wanted to take things slow and build on a friendship then a relationship. Well rewind I dated her in the past and she cheated on me I never confronted her well...
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    Story time

    Well I seen alot of post on here about what if your parents caught you in diapers in stuff. Well I wet the bed alot and when I was 16 my Grandmom got mad at me for wetting the bed everyday. She said that she saw a sale on adult diapers in the ad and said if I wet the bed again I was wearing...
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    ID slip pe

    Is this diaper any good? I just ordered a bag of mediums
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    Quiting diapers for the right reason?!

    Well I have been wearing adult diapers for years and have loved it! With that being said everytimw I got into a relationship the diapers was accepted! Then later down the line they meaning my exs throw it in my face and not accepting it. I just feel like if I quit wearing I will find the girl of...
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    iPhone users

    Please tell me I'm not the only one on here? I don't even have anyone to FaceTime on here
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    iPhone 7 plus

    Who has one? I have had mine for a week and love it!!
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    I'm so happy

    I get my iPhone 7 plus and bambino Magnifico in the mail this Wed I'm so excited!!!!
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    iphone 7 plus

    Who has this phone?And do you like it? I had the iphone 6s plus loved it. However the iphone 7 plus is on back order so might not get mine til december
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    sissy names?

    I asked this question along time ago and loved the answers! So whats your sissy name? Mine is aisha
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    Question about size medium

    Does a medium size diaper hold the same amount of pee as a large size diaper? Sorry I know this might be a dumb question but I lost 66 pounds amd large is big on me
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    Getting my own place

    Im happy and nervous getting my own place next February
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or IPhone 7 plus?

    Which one are you buying? And what current phone do you have? I have the iPhone 6s Plus I have had iPhone for almost 7 months now. I have been android my whole life until now and may go back when the note 7 comes out this August.
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    Someone take Aisha to see fireworks!!! I wanna go!!! Hope everyone is having a good 4th of July!!! Seriously take me to go see fireworks