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  1. CookieMonstah

    Girlfriend Might Be Pregnant, HELP?!

    Okay so I'm kind of casually freaking out about this. Quick backstory, I met this girl at my work's party, it was in a hotel conference room where lots of other people were having their own parties. Someone from my work introduced us and we hit it off from there. We started to get sexual about a...
  2. CookieMonstah

    Minecraft Server (Non-ABDL)

    I recently started up a Minecraft server to play with friends but I also planned on making it public. Recently I started sharing it around the Internet to get players joining. I would like to get some active players on the server, and maybe hire more staff. I have some staff now who are friends...
  3. CookieMonstah

    Anyone Here Watching Chernobyl?

    The show is amazing. It's on Sky Atlantic in the UK and HBO in the US. So far there's been 4 episodes and there's 5 in total. I saw trailers for it a few months ago and wanted to see it as it's recently been 30 years since the nuclear disaster. I've read up on the disaster so much and seen so...
  4. CookieMonstah

    Different Sizing with Different Brands

    So recently I went and bought some NRU Playdayz, I bought these in large even thought I have, at most, a 32" waist. I bought large because with other brands such as ABU, Crinklz and Dotty The Pony, their medium sized diapers say they fit up to a 36" waist yet some of these are tight on me and...
  5. CookieMonstah

    Went Through TSA Diapered

    Hey so I've seen many threads about people going through security and being scanned and stopped by the TSA because the machine detected something. I went through security yesterday in a diaper, it was wet, and nothing came up. I was free to go. On another note, I did go through security last...
  6. CookieMonstah

    How Many of Us Actually Work With Children?

    Wasn't sure where to put this, assumed this would probably the best place as it's directed at ABDLs mainly. So a little back story, up until last summer I had never had experience working with children whatsoever. I never even gave it a thought until when I was half way through my first year at...
  7. CookieMonstah

    Thinking of Things For My Little One

    So my girlfriend is moving into her apartment for university in the next few weeks and I want visit her often. I want to make our time special for her when I visit so I was thinking of things that would make it special. For example I'm thinking of writing out rules that I can put up in her room...
  8. CookieMonstah

    Awkward Moment With The TSA

    So I was flying home from Newark yesterday and I had a lot of stuff in my bags. I had been away for 2 and a half months working on a summer camp and wasn't sure where I had put everything. So I get to TSA security, I have two bags, one gets through okay, the other is stopped and I'm like uh oh...
  9. CookieMonstah

    ABU Shipping

    How long does it usually take for ABU standard shipping? They shipped it out today so when should I expect it? I'm currently staying in Maryland about 30 minutes from Baltimore which is where one of their warehouses is based so I'm hoping that will help
  10. CookieMonstah

    Ordering Online in US

    Okay so I'm currently staying in the US for the next few months and was wondering if there are any US sites like ABDLMarketplace or NappiesRUs where you can buy multiple brands of diapers all in one place? Or is it better to buy from ABU, Crinklz etc. directly themselves?
  11. CookieMonstah

    US Diaper Brands

    I'm currently staying just outside the DC area and was wondering what are the best diaper brands you can pick up from supermarkets? There's a CVS near me, a Giant not too far away and a Safeway just around the corner. I just picked up some GoodNites for now but was wondering about better brands...
  12. CookieMonstah

    Eliminating Diaper Smell

    Something similar to this has probably been posted before but I was wondering, is there a good way to eliminate diaper smell? I'm talking about #1 only here. Usually I will put my used diapers into a plastic bag, I won't tie it until I need to throw it away or it becomes too heavy and I won't...
  13. CookieMonstah

    CS:GO Players?

    Anyone on here play CS:GO?
  14. CookieMonstah

    Purchased My First Ever ABDL Diapers

    For a long time now I have worn baby diapers, before anyone complains saying "YOU CANT FIT IN THEM!", I use ConvertUps (google them) to make them fit and I enjoy them, I've used adult diapers before, they were Boots own brand. Boots is a pharmacy chain in the UK for anyone that doesn't know. I...
  15. CookieMonstah

    Best Way to Stop Leaks?

    So I was wondering what's the best to contain leaks, I wear baby diapers as I can fit into them using ConvertUps (if you don't know what these are check this site and of course I do leak sometimes, so what could I use to contain them? I've thought about buying...
  16. CookieMonstah

    I Was a Brave Baby Today!

    There have been many posts in the past about people wearing to work and whatnot and I've thought about it but never gone through with it, until today. I decided after waking up from my afternoon nap my diaper wasn't that full and so I thought I'd wear to work for the first time ever, I work in...
  17. CookieMonstah

    I Don't Know What to Do Anymore

    I want to keep this post quite short So for about 5 years I've known this girl who went to my school, I first started talking to her when I was about 14 and I am 19 now (although we didn't speak to each other or see each other for about a year and a half), we are in the same year, she is only a...
  18. CookieMonstah

    So I Almost F***ed Up Big Time!

    I feel like this is the best forum to post this in as it is kind of a serious and delicate matter. So about 30-40 minutes ago I posted a picture to my Instagram, if you don't know me I am cookiemonstahdl and I post ABDL related stuff. So anyway when I went to share the picture I went to share...
  19. CookieMonstah

    Happy Little Pride Day!

    So I'm not sure if this thing is official, I saw a post last year on Instagram saying the 23rd of April is Little Pride Day and well a year later I remembered, as it is also St. George's Day here in England. What are we all up to today to celebrate? I for one have just ordered a convert-a-nappy...
  20. CookieMonstah

    Pee Smell

    So recently I saw on here that if you take vitamin B you can make your pee more yellow and it got me thinking a minute ago, is there a way to make your pee change smell instead of colour, or even both? I know in the past when I have drank coffee, I rarely do drink it anymore but when I did and...