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    What's your occupation? :3

    I'm a professional musician by night, Occupational Therapy Assistant by day, and knee deep in OT grad school in between.
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    I might have found my answer to Why?

    I spent a long time trying to source my love of diapers to some sort of abuse or event gate in my childhood with no clear cut answer. I think Trevor is right. It is a flowchart, a combination of things that work out just right. I was potty trained very early and was likely taken out of diapers...
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    Anyone else think this?

    Tbh there will always be people like "wtf that's weird!!!!!" but, seeing as when I was 12 I thought I was the only one into this stuff, and now we're here ten years later and social media has really opened up the landscape... I would say.. cautious growth. We're seeing a huge uptick in interest...
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    Anyone here make their own music? (or know someone who do that?)

    Been making and performing music for ten years. Everything from indie folk acoustic to rap/hip hop and rnb. I do a little bit of everything.
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    What Should I tell my parents?

    I order cases from Bambino and get them shipped to nearby FedEx shops to tackle the parcel problem. As far as family finding out, I feel like the best way to go about it is to hide in plain sight. But don't be sloppy. I wear often. Almost 24/7, in fact. If my family knows, they haven't brought...
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    Bambino Sales (Including exlusive deal)

    Just got a case of Classicos! Thanks!! Sent from my LGMP260 using Tapatalk
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    Diaper vs Catherization

    As someone in the medical field, typically one is cathed for surgery because it keeps the environment sterile. Anything that may compromise the sterility of the OR can complicate the surgery and the healing process. It is mostly up to the attending/OR staff and caths mean no clean up for them...
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    Hi everyone

    newly-returned OG to newly-returned OG, hullo and welcome back. :3 Sent from my LGMP260 using Tapatalk
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    Do people who don't like diapers, end up like them after wearing them long enough

    I've gotten a few friends to try it and most have had neutral to positive reactions. Never got it to stick though. I'm pretty open about it to friends and some of them get curious and just ask, but I don't think I've converted anyone to ABDL lol (not that I've ever attempted to) but enough of my...
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    Living with Roommates...

    I had roommates once and I just kinda told them. At first they were like ???????? but then they wanted to know about the little stuff and whatnot. I got more curiosity than anything else. But the initial shock of "uhh, grown man + diapers = why???" was still present. I just tried to not mess...
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    Hey, welcome! Glad you could join us. I'm Alex and I'm from Rhode Island!
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    Elementary teacher and musician here.
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    The School Diaper Week

    Man I know you can miss me with that high horse nonsense. Bowel IC doesn't count. Does everyone keep missing the word voluntary? If you involuntarily void your bowels, ok. It's involuntary. But if you voluntarily void your bowels in public or want to and feel like it would just be so easy if...
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    The School Diaper Week

    Yo if you're around people you just don't poop, why is that such a thing bruh? Whys it society being selfish? Not everyone has a stomach, not everyone likes diapers, there are people there who think poop is the literal grossest thing. Ive seen people who punch bums in the face if they smell like...
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    Peeing a Lot While Diapered

    I definitely pee more, but I'm pretty sure it's because I drink more. Since I wear 99.9% of the time and I have school, a girlfriend, and a social life and don't want to smell halfway through the day, I tend to drink more water. More pee, but less smell. But I surprise myself with how quickly I...
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    What are the traits of unhealthy little/abdl behavior or lifestyle?

    I second this here. Unhealthy for me would be (and I've been to this point, admittedly) going into little space when you really need to adult. If your little-ing is interfering with you paying your bills or the healthiness of your relationships, that's usually where the line should be. It...
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    Hey, look! Me again!

    Hiiii! I'm a huge soccer type. I love it. Used to play it. Watch it in my free time. I'm a beast at FIFA. Also, I really don't have a favorite song or artist or genre I just like music as a whole, I listen to everythinggggg. But my most recent "music phase" has been folk music. And my favorite...
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    My Bullying still effects me to this day.

    Oh, love, I'm sorry. Bullying is a terrible thing. I went through my share of childhood bullies and I've been through some pretty horrendous things and what I can tell you is that, so long as you seek help, it certainly can get better. Promise. If you're not seeing a therapist, I certainly would...
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    Wearing 24/7 for a week?

    What I mean is, while you're diapered and your diaper is not clean, you smell more than you think you do. For example, I've been 24/7 (minus a few extra formal incidences where I absolutely could not afford to smell like pee and baby powder, and like... the beach or situations where I'm just...