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  1. Clarity

    I have Lymphoma

    So a few days ago I got the shock of my life and was diagnosed with Lymphoma. It was a normal day my mom and I were supposed to go out to lunch and see a movie but I told her about this weird lump on my neck so we got it checked out right away. I still can't believe it I'm 20 years old and in...
  2. Clarity

    Batman vs Superman Teaser Trailer

    Well today after being leaked initially the Batman vs Superman teaser trailer officially came out today. The trailer is absolutely incredible in my opinion. The voice overs are perfect and the dialogue is amazing. I especially love Batman's line "Do you bleed? You will.". I love how dark and...
  3. Clarity

    Disney Princess Diaper Cover?

    Hey everyone I found these amazing training pants/diaper cover with my favorite Disney princess's! They look amazing but I was curious if anybody has ever used this product before? Thanks everyone!
  4. Clarity


    I am looking for people to discuss my love of metal with! Metal is a large part of my life and would love to find people to share and find bands with! I listen to a lot of Progressive Metal and Deathcore/Metalcore. I enjoy anything that is metal pretty much! Hit me up guys :P
  5. Clarity

    R.I.P Mitch Lucker

    This is a very late post but I wanted to share my thoughts on this event. On November 1st Mitch Lucker the vocalist of the band Suicide Silence died in a motorcycle accident. He was 28 years old and left behind a wife and daughter that he loved very much. This news saddened me extremely being...
  6. Clarity

    Pointing Down

    So I have heard that you should point your ahem junk down when wearing a diaper. I have done this but then I get a erection and it feels weird. I was wondering if me doing this with an erection can cause damage of any kind to my man parts. Thanks everyone.
  7. Clarity

    What to do with small diapers?

    Hello all. A while ago I bought some pull ups because I thought they would fit and guess what they don't. I was wondering if you guys had any ideas on what to do with the remainder of them. I don't want to just throw them out that's a waste and I couldn't bring myself to do that. Thanks all...
  8. Clarity

    Day Z

    Hello guys. Has anyone ever heard of a mod for Arma 2 / Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead Day Z? If so you should check it out immediatly! This is probably one of the most fun games I have ever played and its a mod thats in Alpha! It is a Zombie Apocalypse sim set in a MASSIVE Russian area. It is super...
  9. Clarity


    Hey guys just wondering if there are any competetive tennis players out there. I play very competitvly in high school and I am the top singles on my team. Tihs is the first year I will be playing JTT in the summer and also playing somewhere in the winter. What kind of racquets/shoes or gear do...
  10. Clarity

    How do I mess easier?

    Hey guys I have been having a problem when I try messing. Everytime I mess I have to push really hard and pee comes out and I end up flooding. Could anyone help with this problem Im having?
  11. Clarity


    Is anyone else absolutly loving the new Korn stuff with Skrillex? I think its awesome. Korn has always been a great band but this is bringing them to a new level. Its so different from a lot of other stuff out there. I know the classic Korn fans are whining but I think its amazing. So pumped for...
  12. Clarity

    Red Orchestra 2

    Anyone try this game? Its a PC exclusive and if you have a PC get it. Its so much fun. It is a WWII realistic shooter. Kinda like a battlefield. I love it and would love people to play with :D.
  13. Clarity

    Lack of Activity

    Whats up everyone? Ive been taking a break from this site and waiting for my license so I can get diapers. Thinking about them makes me want them so bad. But Im still gonna try and be active on this site from now on. Just letting everyone know :D.
  14. Clarity

    Civilization V

    Hey guys whats up! Anyone ever play Civilization V? I just bought it and I love it. Its the perfect game to play in diapers because a full good game usually takes like 6 hours. If anyone wants to play hit me up with a PM or something :biggrin:.
  15. Clarity

    Another Goodnights Question

    Hey guys whats up I was wondering how Goodnights hold up if you poop them? Anyone ever try this? If so I would like to know your experiences with them because I am considering buying some :biggrin:. Thanks.
  16. Clarity

    Goodnights Question

    Hey guys whats up. So if I were to buy diapers I might get goodnights. But i dont think they would fit me. I am about 6 ft 150 pounds. This is probably a long shot but what do you guys think? Thanks :biggrin:
  17. Clarity

    Shaving Question

    Hey guys sorry if this is in the wrong catagory idk where it would fit haha. But I have a problem I have hair around my butt in the back by the crack and in the hole. Yeah kinda awkward telling everyone. But idk what to do about this I really want it gone because it is uncomfortable and when I...
  18. Clarity

    Just peed and a makeshift diaper :l

    Lol my parents are both at work so i just put on my makeshift diaper and peed and pooped in it. It felt so good. Hadnt done it in a long time so it took some warming up haha. But I must get some real diapers soon D:.
  19. Clarity

    Diaper Changer Question

    Hey guys whats up. So when I am in a diaper especially if its wet or poopy I wouldnt mind if a man changed me. Someone my age though. I am 100% straight and I dont know why I want my diaper changed by a man. Could someone please help me with this problem. Thanks :biggrin:.
  20. Clarity

    Putting on a Diaper Question

    Hey guys whats up just wondering when putting on a diaper do you point your penis down or up? Also I get erections when putting on a diaper so how do I deal with that? Just want some basic help before I venture off into the world of diapers :D