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  1. Craig

    Diaper Size

    Okay, I have decided to go with Tena Slip Plus from I have a 30" waist but I'm just wondering what will be better? I would like to go with the small as they will be easier to hide under clothing and tighter but I don't know if I will be able to fasten them...
  2. Craig

    Help: Ordering Online.

    So I am thinking of ordering some nappies off the internet as I kind of have a friend who I am able to have them shipped too. I have looked at the wiki and haven't found any sites recommended for people in the UK, so I'm wondering if anyone can help as I don't want to be paying twice as much...
  3. Craig

    Attends Plastic Covering

    I never really took much notice of this before on nappies but some look alot softer than others and after looking at pictures of some Attends they look extremely soft compared to what would of been my previous first choice of adult nappy if I had the chance to order some which would of been...
  4. Craig

    Craig is back

    Hey it's Craig, Seen as the old forums dont seem to be coming back anytime soon I have decided to sign up to these ones, as im sure Marty will be happy about this :P. A little about my self, Im 14, I used to live in Ireland when I was 2-4 (still go there often to see family) when I was 4 I...