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  1. SteveC1981

    Underplayed Songs

    I know we have an "overplayed songs" posts going, so i figured it would be interesting to find out opinions on what isn't on the radio very often. I'm not sure what pop songs to put here, since pop songs get played as they are "pop"ular, and the ones with have staying power in other radio...
  2. SteveC1981

    Blagojevich saga (a.k.a. Illinois governor)

    So far, it stands that he has been impeached, but still has to be removed from office after a trial by the Illinois Senate. So, what are everyone's thoughts on this apparent political firestorm? (Usually, boring little Illinois is hardly ever in the national media :rolleyes:)
  3. SteveC1981

    How do you do your Christmas shopping?

    Actually, I should have posted this a couple of weeks ago since some stores had both Halloween and Christmas stuff up simultaneously. Oh well, we will all spend money eventually. Why do I wait? I guess I can be a natural procrastinator sometimes. On the plus side, I don't have to hide stuff...
  4. SteveC1981

    Trying not to be TOO quiet

    I guess apparently, I dropped off the radar, so to speak, and became a Lurker by accident :eek: Not sure how it happened, but this time I'll be on top of things a little better. I'm still getting the hang of this site and just how much there is to offer.
  5. SteveC1981

    Finance Market Bailout, Stock Market Reaction, other reasons to love Washington right now....

    As I am posting, today's 777-point loss on the Dow is currently the largest point drop to date and as a percentage, it's still one of the larger drops ever(over 7%). Coincedentally, the price of oil also dropped (over $10...the largest ever); typically, oil fares well on bad days for stocks...
  6. SteveC1981

    Michael Jackson is 50---the face, a bit newer

    Well, as it says, there can be posts about sex, drugs, politics, and rock and roll, so I chose to do the latter.... So what are everyone's feelings about him? Is he still somewhat talented? Did the younger members even know he was a singer? :D Personally, I think he surrounds himself...
  7. SteveC1981

    "I Have A Dream"-MLK vs. Obama

    I wanted to test the waters a bit and see what others thought. As most of us remember from MLK's speech, his "dream" that he has is about how he wishes how his children can be judged not by their skin color (as was the practice of the day), but by the content of their character. I was...
  8. SteveC1981

    Hello...I'm Steve

    I've had a bit of a writer's block in posting an introduction, but anyways... I was told to join this site by a friend who told me that things were nicer on here than on other places on the web. (cough cough). So what am I? I don't know...but the AB thing doesn't float my boat, if you...